8 most expensive logos of all time

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8 most expensive logos of all time

But, there are some companies who spent massive amount on their brand logos. This article will cover some of the most expensive logos of all time. Logo design can sometimes be an expensive jobs when it comes to bigger brands.

1. Symantec - $1,280,000,000


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Symantec's key element is a checkmark, indicating that the operation was successful. And this is ideally suited to the specifics of a company that provides website security. Plus, the yellow color of the circle means continuity and stability of protection.

2. British Petroleum - $ 210,000,000

Since, It's clear from the name that British Petroleum contributes to environmental pollution, they decided to convince their customers that they are doing everything possible to stay as green and environmentally friendly as possible, which illustrates through their logo resembling a flower growing from the sun was born.

3. Accenture - $100,000,000

The main idea was that the company, Accenture, is constantly striving for the future, for growth and development. And although the logotype also received criticism, at the moment the company is successfully operating in the market, and its brand is quite recognisable.

4. BBC - $1,800,000

The BBC Logo has been familiar to us since childhood. And this is just the same example of a successful investment. Here, designers also decided to strive for minimalism, and created white letters on a black background, enclosing each letter in a square.

5. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group - $15,000,000

This logo for ANZ was created during the merger of two large banks and was the result of combining the first letters of their name into one abbreviation. Designers decided not to break the classic rule of marketing psychology and used white and blue colors to form an association of stability, security, and safety. By the way, PayPal uses the same colors for similar purposes.

6. Posten Norge - $55,000,000

When the state-owned postal company, which by the way is the monopolist in the Norwegian market, decided to rebrand, they simply wrote down the name of the company and supplemented it with a circle consisting of halves, one of which flows into the other.

7. Citi Bank - $1,500,000

The logo of Citi bank is the logo that lasts. It was created twenty years ago and, as before, it remains recognisable, memorable, and relevant. Taking into account the turnover of this banking organisation, the costs of its creation is a mere trifle, a drop in the bucket.

8. Pepsi - $1,000,000

A picture of this logo is not needed to recall three multi-colored waves combined into one ball. And by the way, for a brand of this magnitude, its price of developing a logo seems quite reasonable. This new logo was an attempt to challenge Coca Cola, which has been and remains the world's leader in the production of sweet carbonated drinks. And it is impossible to say that they succeeded, but the design was definitely successful.

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