6 ways for Python Programmers to help them Brush Up Skills

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6 ways for Python Programmers to help them Brush Up Skills

Though python based website development language may not be the fastest out there but is definitely the most popular and versatile programming language. However as a coder you can complain about its vastness and it's quite common for programmers to forget syntax or certain concepts in Python. If you are worried about it and are looking to get yourself a notch up as a Python programmer then you are at the right place as we bring to you the best 6 ways for Python programmers to help them brush up skills.

1. Code Regularly

One of the best ways of getting started with revising or learning new things is doing it daily regularly. This creates a flow and you will be able to detect bugs or debug code faster, grasp new concepts a lot faster, then you would do your code inconsistently. We would recommend you introduce a new concept every day that will make things easier for you as you move forward. However, stacking up your topics would just slow you down to a level you would feel like giving up. Keep in mind programming is not as easy as you may think and only consistent effort will help you improve.

2. Practice on Hacker Rank

Hacker Rank is a well-known online website that allows the modern-day programmers to compete, practice, and develop new skills. It's a completely free website that has great content with an online compiler, IDE, and rich text editors, that help you write code online easily.

Hacker rank provides many things for Python developers to brush up their skills such as 30 days of code that will help you go through from the very basics of this programming language like an introduction to basic syntax, input/output, strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, and other concepts in Python in Python. This is also a great resource for programmers who are just getting started with Python.

The next thing you can do is a small course in language proficiency. This course will introduce some advanced concepts of Python programming language. Completing this course will allow the programmers to write efficient code in Python and also introduce them to some problem-solving techniques using this amazing language.

The best thing about both of these courses is that they allow you to compete by collecting stars and maintaining global rank. This way programmers also get verification for completing such courses, which act as verification or testimony for their new skills. However, as of now, you can also choose to enroll yourself in hacker rank certification programmers, where you will receive a certificate for completing a Python course.

3. Read Different Books

Reading is the most important habits every programmer should develop because as a programmer you must be able to read others' code easily and understand it. However, here you need to start learning through reading a lot of different books. Keep in mind reading a lot of books is always helpful as knowledge never goes waste and you get a different perspective of how Python can be utilized and works in the backend. Reading books also provide you depth knowledge of a programming language. So make sure that you read at least 2 to 3 books by some famous authors.

4. Getting Hands dirty by Real Life projects

Now let's assume that you have the basic knowledge of the Python programming language, however, you are stuck at some of the concepts. Well, that just might be the right time for you to undertake some mini-project. Projects are a great way of getting a wider perspective of a certain language that uses an implementation and most importantly how different things come together to make something entirely new and amazing. Learning by doing is a great way of studying and going through certain concepts. Keep in mind you learn twice as much as you can just by creating a simple project.

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5. Competitive Programming

Python has a vast number of uses and implementations and it is also one of the most popular emerging choices when it comes to competition programming. Although languages like C ++ and java still dominate this area Python is also being considered a powerful tool for solving problems or vice versa. You can learn Python just by using it as your mainstream CP language.

6. Video Content & Documentation

Brushing up generally includes quickly going over the concepts you have forgotten and the Python community has you covered as it has a number of online free tutorials and well-written documentation on its official website.

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