5 Best Copywriting Courses to Take in 2023

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5 Best Copywriting Courses to Take in 2023

It’s 2023, and what better way to kick off the year than by taking a few copywriting courses? Check out these 5 amazing courses, which will give you the whole nine yards and polish your copywriting skills even more. 

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Copywriters For Beginners – Skillshare

If one of your 2023 resolutions is to become a copywriter, try one of these copywriting courses available on Skillshare. This 2-hour course is perfect for people just starting out with copywriting and want to find out how to land successful gigs, whether it be writing an attractive blog headline, finding your target audience, etc. Copywriters for beginners course, the teacher, Jesse Forrest, has an easy way of explaining even complicated things. You will also get a certificate at the end, and there are many questionnaires and quizzes to test your abilities. However, you might need a Skillshare membership to access this course. 

155 Years of Copywriting Insights – Udemy

If you’re looking for free copywriting courses, then this one on Udemy will do you wonders. It’s a fundamental course that will help you understand major copywriting points. This course has 6 modules and is 6 hours long, but time flies when you learn great things about successful copywriting with John Campbell. 

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Copywriting Persuasion Challenge

YouTube is also a great resource for free copywriting courses. One of the more interesting courses is copywriting persuasion challenge by Jon Benson. It’s one of the highest-rated courses in 2023 because of its easy explanation and amazing key points for small business owners and beginners in copywriting. However, even practiced copywriters can take this course to learn more about real-world business examples. 

Copywriting Secrets – YouTube

Another great course from the vault of copywriting courses on YouTube is copywriting secrets by Dan Lok. He talks mainly about freelance copywriting, and from 2023 and onwards, freelancing has a promising future. In this course, the main areas of focus are how to start copywriting, how to write eye-catching emails, and the exposure to copywriting in different career paths. Although YouTube courses don’t offer certificates, they’re still useful for anyone willing to learn. 

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Learning to Write Marketing Copy – LinkedIn Learning

Last but not least, if you want to target the business market and learn about market copywriting, then LinkedIn learning has a variety of copywriting courses to choose from. This particular course, Learning to write marketing copy by Ian Lurie is the perfect beginner’s boost you need to get started. This 2-hour course will teach you how to convince buyers to invest in your product through copywriting and rewriting to increase optimization, which is the prime need of 2023 and years to come to create goal oriented content for engagements


There you have it! These copywriting courses are easily accessible and will give you great advice on making your name as a copywriter in 2023, and you can also learn how to copywrite like a pro in the comfort of your home.

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