Why you shouldn't use Nulled Themes for your WordPress website?

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Why you shouldn't use Nulled Themes for your WordPress website?

Once you become the owner of your WordPress’s website, you accept the ownership and try to build it in every way possible. But doing it the wrong way can leave you barehanded in the end. Yes, we are talking about the shortcuts that are mostly illegal and overlooks privacy.
We are going to debate about those shortcomings you would face if you use the very cheap in price Nulled Premium WordPress Themes. If you have downloaded one of any Nulled theme or plugin, you must read the article.
Starting with the term Nulled, it is actually a very conflicted word in the WordPress dictionary. It is often called as a hacked, cracked, stolen, or broken versions of any product. These Nulled themes or plugins are available for free on the internet, but the real concern is, they are illegal and exploits the copyright issues.
The reason it’s free is someone adds a malicious code/ encrypted script inside the theme which works for its developer and in return harms your WP website. So, there are no grounds you can attest the harmlessness of a Nulled Theme.

Who are the Easy Targets?

Novice bloggers are mostly targeted by these Nulled Themes because they interpret these plugins as some kind of blessing saving their investments. But less do they know is they are in the real trouble!

Saving a few bucks can get you in hell, so, think before going for something free especially when it’s on your WordPress website.

How to Detect Nulled Themes?

You will sense and see these fishy elements in a nulled theme:

  • Hidden popups/ads/links that will directly benefit the developer
  • Poor performance most of the time
  • Interruption of Malware or viruses to trace private data.

Risks of using a Nulled Theme

Though many blogs are initiated through the pirated themes, later they come to know that it was never a mindful idea.
As mentioned in the few earlier paragraphs, choosing nulled themes is a bad idea and should be dismissed already. Because yes or no, you don’t want to see your own website going out of hand or getting banned till the end.
So, coming to the climax point, we are citing some of the riskiest reasons that testify why you should not use Nulled Premium WordPress Themes or Plugins.

Your WordPress Website No More Exists

Just a petty reason to suspect and WordPress will grab you by the collar!
Well, it’s your fate, if WP shows a little leniency and spares you by sending an alarming notice if not, your website will be deleted. All your hard work, all blogs, all business material, and everything good will be long gone before you try a plea.
Boom and your WordPress website no longer exist on the internet!
You can reach for help but you won’t get any help since your content becomes irretrievable when its WordPress who is the landlord. Because how do you expect to not get kicked out of a house after stealing something precious?

You get IP Barred Forever!

It’s a total waste if you try to regain your access to WordPress because you are already rejected. In case you try to recreate your blog and this time wholly clean of any piracy, you will still get IP banned.
We’re sorry, but with that ban on, you won’t be ever able to find your way back to WordPress again. As long as you have the same contact number, Internet connection, and other contact information you can’t house a website on WP.
So, better try to be on the safe side and use some legal stuff.

No SEO Rankings

Due to some reason, if WP spares you, the nulled themes won’t spare your SEO rankings. The hacked plugins can be destructive to your website’s ranking and can badly deteriorate your reputation online. They are stacked with scams focused to generate leads for low-ranking websites and that sounds so unfair. In SEO terminology, that bad deal is known as the black-hat deal.

Its Unethical!

To steal someone’s hard work and take advantage of someone else’ sweat is unacceptable. You are actually stealing someone’s food from their plate and eating it so carelessly. A theme creator must have poured its heart into the creation and some developer used it wrong to gain benefits and you just become a bridge.
Next time, whenever you try to pull in a Nulled theme, just stop at the moment!
You can use various scanners to detect any Nulled Premium WordPress Themes such as SUCURI, Exploit Scanner Plugin, Theme Authenticity Checker, Antivirus Plugin, etc., but a software testing company like Kualitatem can provide remarkable security and QA services when combined with an efficient test management tool like Kualitee.
For the Future’s Sake, Say No to Piracy and Cyber Theft!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor