Why to Use WordPress? 7 Reasons You Need to Know Now

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Why to Use WordPress? 7 Reasons You Need to Know Now

Examples of such platform are Weebly, Shopify,, bold grid etc. However, after considering the pros and cons associated with them, we decided that WordPress would be ideal for you. Wordpress is the system software and OnBiz equally throws more light on WordPressThus, we have come up with 7 diverse reasons why you need to use WordPress.

1. Free Software

One good thing about it is that and its sister site, are both absolutely free. While version is self hosted and offers the flexibility of making use of advanced plugins, on the other hand, is best for beginners. However, the flip-side of it is the fact that it is not ideal for startups that has the intention of making outstanding amount of money. Regardless of that, WordPress is universally free to anyone that intends to make use of it and that remains one of its major attractions.

2. You're the king of your Site

Unlike its competitors such as Shopify, Squarespace, WIX etc that has a limit to what you can do on their sites, and since you are renting a space on their platform, once you stop making payment you may end up losing your files. However, WordPress grants you access to lots of features including having full control over your files with the added flexibility of transferring them to another host if you wish. With WordPress you have unhindered access to your website and can easily make changes to it whenever you want to do so.

3. Its provides support to numerous Media Types

Another amazing thing about WordPress is the fact that it works with diverse types of files or media, including in niches such as documents, images, video and audio. It is quite common to encounter problems bothering on files not being supported when working with other platforms but such does not occur with WordPress and files like pdf, jpg, doc, png, mp3, mp4, avi, pptx, 3gp etc are all compatible with WordPress.

4. Most Popular CMS

At the moment, WordPress is the most popular CMS available in the world. It is indeed a reliable CMS anyone can trust any time, any day. Against popular held opinion that WordPress is ideal for small businesses, the reality is that both big and small business can make use of WordPress effectively. Considering the fact that White House website is actually run on WordPress as well as big corporations such as Sony, Walt Disney Company, Xerox etc, then anyone or company regardless of its size can actually work with WordPress.

5. Highly flexible and customizable

WordPress is actually highly flexible and customizable, especially with its over 54,000 plugins and thousands of customizable themes, you can easily tweak and make adjustments any time you feel like doing so. Whatever you need to make your website look great is already available on WordPress and in order to make WordPress appealing regardless of the device you are accessing it with; there is a new feature with diverse themes that will aid its responsiveness. Also, there is no language barrier when it comes to WordPress as it supports most of the major and not so popular languages found across the world.

6. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for businesses; this is especially so for startups and small to medium sized enterprises. Lots of people now search online for verification purposes before narrowing down on which product or service provider to go for. This is why you need to ensure that you rank high and prominent enough to appear when individuals makes a search on your niche.

WordPress has been found to be SEO friendly with plugins such as Yoast SEO that works specifically for that purpose. WordPress equally allocates title tags as well as meta descriptions to your files which contributes in ranking you high. All you have to do is to choose the right keywords and leave the rest for WordPress to handle.

7. Provide Safety & Security

Some individuals have the impression that WordPress is not secure but that’s not true. WordPress is actually secure with teams of experts working round the clock and in collaboration with some hosting companies to ensure that the site is protected against any form of threat.

With Over 50 security experts who are working day and night to protect the site, WordPress is as secure (if not more) when compared to other CMS platforms.

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Now you have seven reasons why you need to work with WordPress in establishing your website and to keep it running effectively. WordPress has lots of volunteer contributors that ensure the site remains reliable at all times. Give it a try today, and it is unlikely that you will regret doing so.

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