35 WordPress Statistics for the Informed Digital Marketing Expert

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    Very few things have disrupted the digital marketing scene as greatly as WordPress has in the last decade. Thanks to the platform’s free and simple content management system it made it possible for anyone, regardless of levels of technical knowledge, to create impressive websites. This possibility is boosted further by the seemingly endless library of themes and plugins.

    If you want an online presence today, the WordPress statistics that follow can only help. As you can imagine, we at the TWT are huge fans of this CMS. To help you out to get up to speed with its immense possibilities, we put together all important 2019 WordPress statistics you need.

    Some of these showcase the extent of worldwide WordPress domination and also help explain the key reasons behind this popularity, while others give insight toward understanding the WordPress CMS usage better.

    The platform’s capabilities have encouraged companies of all sizes to move to it, leveling the playing field. The prime determiner of how effective your WordPress site is is your creativity, not the cash in your bank. This makes it possible even for small businesses to compete with large, global companies that enjoy massive marketing budgets.

    WordPress Statistics 2019


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