What is Native Advertising and How Does it Work?

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What is Native Advertising and How Does it Work?

Native advertising is the ultimate way to market your social media presence or business. They are paid ads that do not look like ads. Sound fantastic, right? These ads look and appear the same as the format of the social media platform they are being displayed on.

Native advertising goes with the flow of your feed. They hardly ever feel like an additional post in your feed while being successful at gaining your interest. There are high chances that by now, you have viewed multiple native ads. These can be on your social media feed but you never noticed them. Well, this is why Native Advertisements are incredibly beneficial for content creators. 

People often tend to get confused between advertorial and native advertisement. And putting it simply, native advertisement is not just seamlessly put ads. They are also put in a way that fits with the site's theme and tone while displaying the information that the site users expect on their feed. 

How do Native Advertising Work?

Native ads work between two parties and work in terms of supply and demand. On the one hand, the supply side is the publishers. On the flip side, however, the advertisers are looking for ways to reach an audience. These publishers then help the advertisers gain awareness, sales, and leads by monetizing the sites. Native Ads is all in all a tactic that supports performance marketing. 

Advertising that count as Native:

All ads that look like they belong to the content they are placed with and look just like them are known as Native Ads. The concept of native ads is to place the ads in a non-irritating, accessible, and relevant way that the content natively fits within the feed or site. Moreover, these Ads are not accompanied by advertorial words like purchase, subscribe, signup, etc. They are just displayed for users to click through and enjoy the content while helping them gain awareness and leads. 

Benefits of Using Native Advertising:

  • Due to its gentle approach, the click-through rate of native ads is more than other advertisements, as they fit perfectly in the users' feed.
  • These ads are put together, keeping in mind the users' interest. This means there's a high chance for the user to engage with your content. 
  • Native ads can go viral compared to other ads, which increases the brand's awareness.
  • Lastly, these ads are device responsive. This means, unlike other advertorials, they do not get cropped or removed from mobiles to provide a better experience. They appear clearly on the target audience feed, regardless of the device they are using. 

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