What are the Top 5 Cyber Crimes?

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What are the Top 5 Cyber Crimes?

You've probably been the victim of malware if you've ever followed the link in a questionable email only to have the same email instantly forwarded to your friends and family. Hackers commit cybercrimes an average of 2,244 times per day.

Here are the top 5 cybercrimes you should know about. 

Top 5 Cyber Crimes

1. Theft of Identity

 Here hackers can steal your information. This includes your data, such as account details or bank data, for as long as there have been criminals who have sought to steal people's identities. However, the Media has created it far simpler for them to do so than ever before. 

Keeping a careful eye on your online accounts is one of the simplest and least costly ways to keep your identity safe. You should notify the right authorities promptly if you see these cybercrimes. 

1. Phishing Crimes

If you've ever received an email that included a link to a corrupted website or a document infected with malware, you've been the victim of phishing. Whenever users open a file or tap on a link, they risk unintentionally installing malware on their machine. 

Hackers can use malicious software and monitor your internet surfing. They can also gain your details or join a botnet and be used to attack other machines.

1. Account Hacking 

Everyone knows how vital it is to protect their passwords, but imagine what might happen if someone obtained control of your email account. This would be an account that contains all of your most private information. There is jail time for this. 

This is if they get an unauthorized connection to the internet, social media accounts, or computer without your permission. A smart way to go about it is by keeping different passwords. However, you should also install antivirus software. This can keep the intruders out.

1. DDoS

A DDOS attack occurs when someone attempts to overload a server asset with unwanted traffic to disrupt service. As a result, the targeted person receives so much data that it cannot react to genuine requests. This can request such as consumers seeking to access the corporate website.

 It is very for hackers. This is when they attempt to persuade an institution to compensate them or pay the ransom.

1. Harassment or Cyber Bullying

 In recent years, it has become more widespread among teens. This is due to the rising popularity of social media and users' internet presence. It frequently causes anxiety, low self-esteem, and even depression in children. Most young people have experienced some cyberbullying. What's more, 36.5% of individuals believe they have been harassed online at some point in their lives.

When faced with cybercrimes like these, take charge and don't lose time. Cybercrimes involving online fraudulent activity are all too common. They may take the shape of spam emails, websites, or even pop-up surveys. 

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