Top Essential Graphs for Your Social Media Dashboard

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Top Essential Graphs for Your Social Media Dashboard

You need to track your user to understand his behaviour. Online graphing calculator may help in visualizing this data. This process of understanding will finally lead you to a stage where you can claim, “I know what my user wants from me.”

Here below, we are going to discuss some of the essential graphs which you should never ignore if you want to get optimum results from your social media marketing campaigns.

The volumes of Brand Discussions

The first thing that may tell the level of your brand is, “how many people are talking about your brand?” Don’t forget to monitor the volume of discussions about your brand before and after your ad campaigns on social media. You can judge this volume from the number of mentions, tags, hashtags, retweets, comments about your brand, reviews, likes and questions about your brand. The volume of brand discussion often termed as brand echoing, helps determine your brand reach.

Brand share in Discussions

Most of the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, let you monitor your competitors. You can compare your standing with them. You can use some scientific graphing calculator or some online free graphing calculator to get better idea about your share. It helps you analyse how good or bad is your performance as compared to your competitors. You need to see what is your share in total volume of discussions as compared to your competitors. You should plan your campaigns, and you need to work hard to keep increasing your brand share. Keep a better track by using a free online graphing calculator.

Social Media Platform

While planning your marketing and advertising on social media, you need to see what is that social media platform that may benefit you the most. If you will study reports and analyse data, you will find out that every social media has its market and different type of audience. You might have noticed that Facebook is considered best of B2C, and your B2B campaign will not perform well here. Similarly, LinkedIn is a better platform for B2B. Now if you monitor audience behaviour, we will find out that Facebook is an excellent choice to gain high reach and if you want better engagement, you need to consider Instagram. Moreover, you can use this website for finding the hashtags for your social media posts.

Keep an eye on Influencers

Influencers are game-changers in the world of social media. You can’t ignore them if you want a commanding presence on social media. Monitor the influencers and track the brand mentions and discussions about yours and your competitor's brand. Track the user’s response and engagements on the trends by these influencers and plan how can you design a campaign to get benefit from these influencers and their followers.

User's responses at your Brand pages

While monitoring everywhere else, don’t forget to track your profiles and pages. See how people are responding at your brand pages and what types of engagements you are receiving there. Your brand pages are the places where you can see your actual critics and lovers, and you can’t afford to ignore them while crafting your new marketing strategy and advertising campaigns.

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