The Best WordPress plugins for Event Management in 2022

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If you are a first-timer struggling to access the true potential of WordPress, you must learn to use a fully functional WordPress Development Services

To put it simply, you will need premium WordPress event plugins to boost the awareness of your events or use booking as part of your operation. However, it would be best to keep in mind that the internet is stacked with a plethora of WordPress plugins- each promising exceptional and over the odd performance. The true challenge that waits for you is to pick the most reliable, budget-friendly and profiting option. 

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Here's a detailed breakdown of the top five WordPress event plugins available right now for your business.

1. Modern Events Calendar

If you are looking for an event calendar, you must look no further than the Modern Events Calendar. The plugin is exactly what you expect from the name itself - It's a calendar-based WordPress events plugin that you can purpose for showcasing events on your website. You can use this product's free and paid version subscription model to further your online presence.

2. Events Manager

More and more people are using the WordPress Events Manager plugin worldwide nowadays. This is essential since the product is based on a calendar and allows users to record reservations for each event. If you are a first-timer, you must remember that the plugin is easy to use and functions similarly to a desktop calendar. This product is a powerful WordPress event plugin that simplifies managing a busy calendar with minimal effort.

3. WP Event Manager

Thirdly, if you are looking for a perfectly functional and reliable WordPress event plugin, you must consider WP Event Manager. To put it simply, the core plugin is open-source and free- essentially focusing on the calendar view. The product is a newer plugin that functions in a slightly different way. 

4. Amelia

Up next, you must realize right at the beginning that Amelia takes a whole different route to WP Event Manager. Amelia is a calendar-based booking plugin in a layman's language, primarily appealing to WordPress events plugin with a slew of features. The product offers smart utility via calendar views, event booking, different event-type views, and intelligent administration to prevent double bookings.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Amelia exudes a refined demeanor. The design is sleek and straightforward, allowing users to integrate it into any website. Moreover, you will be able to place event widgets on your site once the integration is complete- with user management available from a backend dashboard.

5. Event Organizer

Lastly, you can also find great assistance and convenience with the Event Organizer. The product is another feature-rich WordPress events plugin that you must investigate. Although the product doesn't come with a sleek appearance ala Amelia, it does have several features designed for intelligent adaptability and user-friendly operation.

To put it simply, this WordPress product is a calendar-based plugin with an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can consider it to promote events, manage bookings, sell tickets for specific events, customize the booking form, send confirmation and follow-up emails, and accept payments through numerous payment methods.

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Final Word

It only fits to admit that Plugins for WordPress are one of the most valuable and integral aspects of your content management system. If you are starting and lack adequate information, you must remember that these products give you nearly endless options for expanding your reach. As per most avid users, there's no better way to incorporate events into your life than using WordPress Development Services. 

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