Samsung: New Feature to Hide Data When You Give it for Repair

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Samsung: New Feature to Hide Data When You Give it for Repair

Samsung just launched a new feature known as the repair mode. 

Phone repairs are unavoidable; we all go through them for one reason. However, they can be a little scary because all your private data, photos, messages, and information is on that phone. Well, the good news is, that Samsung users can give their phones for repair without worrying now.

What is Repair Mode?

Repair Mode is a feature that lets you choose which data to share when fixing a smartphone. This eliminates most worries about personal information being accessed or leaked during the repair process by some private companies.

Everything we know about the Repair Mode so far

The news that the tech giant Samsung will introduce a new privacy feature to their smartphones was disclosed in a press release posted on Samsung's Korean press site.

As a result of this brand-new mode for repairing features, the experts will have very limited access to the owner's files on the phone. For example, the technicians are restricted to accessing only the necessary information for repairing the phone.

A New World for Samsung Galaxy S21 Users

Due to this, they will not be able to steal the images or data of the users. Therefore, this is the advantage of using the repair mode. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are the only ones who can access this feature initially. After that, the South Korean telecom giant intends to make this function accessible on other phones at some point in the future.

Customers may use the settings app on their respective devices to use the new functionality that Samsung has introduced. First, open the settings app by clicking on its icon, and then navigate to the section labeled Battery and Device Care to activate the option.

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By default, the technician servicing your smartphone can only access the apps already installed. When you turn on the function, the phone will finally enter repair mode and wait for you to complete the process. As a direct result, your photographs, communications, documents, and accounts will remain concealed.

Samsung Offers Privacy Like Never Before

In contrast, when you activate the repair mode on your Samsung phone, it will restart automatically. In addition, when the smartphone is returned to the user after repairs have been made, the user can deactivate the repair mode and reboot the phone back to its original condition using either fingerprint recognition or pattern recognition.

You can take advantage of this new feature that Samsung has introduced in the manner described above. Through the protection of your private and sensitive data, such as photographs and documents. Because of this, the accounts, images, and messages stored on the phone will all be immediately hidden. The person repairing will only have access to the currently installed apps.

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