#PyconPK - Revolutionizing Python/AI spirit in Pakistan

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#PyconPK - Revolutionizing Python/AI spirit in Pakistan

About PyCon Pakistan

Pakistan Python Community’s aim is to bring tech industry on the cutting edge of this incoming wave instead of struggling to catch up, halted by massive knowledge gaps and over-reliance on outdated technologies.

PyCon Pakistan has been successfully organizing the conference for the past two years. The huge success of the past PyCon Pakistan's events reflects the high demand for community events of this nature amongst Python enthusiasts in Pakistan. In 2018, more than 300 attendees gathered for two full days of talks, tutorials, and discussions. Participants came from different cities of Pakistan to attend this conference.

Parallel tracks for Python & Artificial Intelligence

The conference had two parallel tracks, one for Python in general and one for Python Artificial Intelligence (AI) specific. Attendees for Python track gathered in main auditorium and attendees for AI track gather in Tariq Rafiq Lecture Theater.

The Venue

The PyconPK took place at the happening & vibrant venue of Habib University, Karachi which seems like a perfect venue for the event.


Kicking off the Python love

The Python developers, Engineers & professionals from different areas of Karachi & Pakistan came to attend the most awaited #pyconPK of 2019.


Also, Participants enjoyed breakfast as well.


Open Source & Free Software

Van Lindberg, Director, Python Software Foundation talked about Free & Open source softwares.


Moreover, Van answered few important answers in an exclusive interview to team TWT as well regarding Open Source Softwares & their utilizations.

What is your overall experience about this conference?

Great experience overall, Wonderful audience. PyconUS took 5 years to reach at this point whereas PyconPK progressed much speedily and developed great community of developers and like-minded people in Pakistan.

How do you think we can encourage companies & developer community in Pakistan to also contribute for open source instead of just utilising it?

You can use open source softwares as much as you like but when it comes to give back to the community, it totally depends on the company's resources and interests.

Most of the developers have this question in their minds as how they can make money out of open source software?

Developers just need to focus on delivering the value to their codebase as how other people can use it. In short money will eventually come if people find value in it.

Kaggle Workshop

Kaggle is basically a Social Media platform for data scientists (DS) and machine learners (ML), owned by Google. Kaggle allows users to find and publish data sets, explore and build models in a web-based data-science environment, work with other data scientists and machine learning engineers, and enter competitions to solve data science challenges. 

Adnan Zaidi, Kaggle ambasador in Pakistan conducted workshop on Kaggle use-cases and encouraged participants to learn more about the platform by learning through the Kaggle platform.

Instant Deployments, say what?

Mashood Rastgar, CTO delivered talk on instant deployments using Google Cloud platforms while compared some old school deployment methodologies to serverless deployments.


Python Decorators the right way

Ammara Laeeq explained several use-cases of using python decorators while telling the bad & best practices to achieve it.


Then, there was lunch


JetBrains give-away time

An interesting quiz was conducted in the end of the conference where organizers select a random registrant from the list and ask them fun Python questions & winner gets 1 years subscription of all of JetBrains products. YAYYYY


Thanks to all of PyconPK Sponsors


TWT was there too

Team TWT was also present at the conference supporting the community while recreating love stories between software development and the participants & learning from it as well.

pycon-twt-768x1024.jpeg's magnificent team behind, one of Pakistan's fast-growing startups, which just raised investment last year, improved from their software architecture to contributing back to the Pakistani community by organising such wonderful conferences and delivered Python greatness to Pakistan's tech-oriented youth & developers. From talks to hosting to volunteering to making things straight, team sastaticket was there for the python enthusiasts.

You can check out their Facebook page, Facebook event page or pyconpk official website for more updates regarding the conference & upcoming announcements.

Also, you can see complete set of event pictures here.

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