Problem With Monster Hunter World PC Disconnection and how you can fix them

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Problem With Monster Hunter World PC Disconnection and how you can fix them

The action-packed game Monster Hunter: World is quite popular and has a wonderful design that charms many players. But an issue many gamers face is the disconnection of the games that too 1-3 times a day when you play the game. Most of the time, the MHW disconnection issue can be easily solved by applying some simple tricks.

The first thing to do is check your wi-fi or internet connection. If the network is stable but still facing this issue, the following article can be the best answer to your problem.

We will look at six potential solutions for this issue that can be helpful for you to get a smooth gaming experience. For more tips and tricks related to your systems and softwares, visit AMTricks. You have to try each one of them to find the one which solves your problem.

Fix 1 . Basic Troubleshooting

Sometimes, disconnection can be a normal troubleshooting problem, and users can quickly resolve them within a minute or two. So these are some tips to use if you're facing disconnection issues on Monster Hunter: World games. 

  • Firstly disconnecting your internet connection and then reconnecting it can eventually help you get rid of your problem.
  • You can get rid of this issue by restarting the Monster Hunter World-PC game after closing it completely.
  • Restarting your system can help you get a disconnection-free gaming experience, so you may try the same if facing such issues.

If the problem is still not solved, you must try the following tricks because the issue can be a temporary one that only gets solved after following certain steps.

Fix 2 . Update To the Newest available Version Of The Game.

If you're still running an old version of the game that crashes, then updating to the new version can help you get out of this issue. The latest version comes with changes to fix all the bugs, and that's why it is important to make sure that you're using the newest version of the game.

You may check once any new version has been released and update the game if any pending update is available. 

Fix 3. Use LAN Connection Only

This is one reason that many PC gamers don't even know about. The cause for your disconnection issue can be simultaneous usage of LAN connection & Wi-Fi network connectivity. If you are using them both simultaneously and Monster Hunter World disconnection occurs, you should use just one connection. 

The recommended network is a LAN connection, and switching to the same can help you eliminate the disconnection issue.

Fix 4. Reconnect Through ID After Setting Steam Friends To Offline 

This disconnection issue can also be related to your friend's list on Steam. To solve such problems, you shouldn't log out of Steam as it can make it harder for you to make people join you. The alternative that a gamer can use here is sending your ID to your friends. After doing this, you can change your steam friends to offline and then reconnect with them with the ID. 

If this method doesn't work out for you, then you should follow the next step.

Fix 5. Changing Your Steam ID

The Monster Hunter: World game gives its players a chance to upgrade their normal power and equipment to higher and better levels by passing specific rounds. By doing so, the gamer gets promoted from being a normal player to a steam player, and with this player promotion, their steam ID also gets changed.

The PC must accept these changes if connected as a friend to any steam player in such scenarios. You will be on the problem-facing end if the new changes have not been updated. To do the same, You should follow the given steps:

  • First, open the Monster Hunter World game on your PC.
  • Now, Click on the Menu option and search for Steam properties there.
  • Type your new steam ID in the target option available there.

After completing the above steps, you must refresh the game so that the changes can be implemented and check if your problem has been sorted out.

Fix 6. Playing With Windowed Mode

Playing the game Monster Hunter World under Steam layout can be the reason for your continuous disconnection issues. You can disable steam overlay and try playing the game with windowed mode. This change can eventually help you to fix the disconnection issue and play smoothly.

Steps to apply this solution to your PC :

  • Now to disable the steam overlay, firstly open Steam. Open the game in full screen and then press the Alt + Enter key on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Click on the left corner in Steam and tap on the Settings option.
  • Now click on the In-Game tab at the left side, untick the "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" tab, and click Ok.

After disabling the Steam overlay option, Run Monster Hunter World, and the issue would be solved.

Fix 7. Looking For Regional Servers 

This is one of the most common reasons for the disconnection issue of MHW- PC. The people you connect with and your geographical location could be the reason for your connection instability.

For Example: If you are from Europe trying to connect with someone from China, you will face disconnection issues. One possible solution for such problems is to host your server and tell others to join you. You can also try to find servers from your regions if you don't want to host.

This sums up our article of tricks and tips which can help you get rid of your disconnection issues in Monster Hunter: World PC game. 

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