Mobile App Development Services Trends- 2021

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Mobile App Development Services Trends- 2021

In recent years, mobile application development trends have constantly been evolving our lives. These mobile apps trends' have immense popularity and utility. These application development trends are considered a great opportunity for developing enterprises. According to the survey by Statista, it is likely that mobile apps generate about $189 billion US dollars revenue in the upcoming years. 

Furthermore, experts also believe that future mobile app development technologies is one of the fastest-growing industries. In the future, there are no signs that it will slow down its growth. As per the top mobile app development company, we have listed some of the most promising mobile app development trends 2021 that you should consider. 

What Does Mobile Application Development Trends Offer?

Future mobile app development technologies have their distinct way of making their presence felt. We tend to get inclined towards these mobile apps trends. As at the initial state, these apps technology tends to excite our imaginations. Further, we end up experiencing them in their entire form. 

But when we discuss application development trends. What we experience is always much better than our regular expectations. These mobile app trends are functionally highly advantageous. They are also found to be highly productive when discussing from a business perspective. 

App developers bring these app trends to users through mobile apps. They invest in these mobile app development trends 2021 to build amazing mobile app ideas. It makes the lives of users much easier. And it is quite evident that users are likely to jump on the latest trends. And this helps businesses to strengthen their user base. 

These are some of the things that application development trends have to offer. So now let's look into each one of them in detail. 

Top Application Development Trends

Apart from this global pandemic, several other top mobile app future trends probably affect the industry in the year 2021. These app trends focus on remote work, healthcare where wearable medical devices have become quite popular, e-learning, social networking, and many more. Video communications apps have gained a lot of acceptance, and it is also believed that they will get more investments in 2021. Future mobile app development technologies like Internet of Things tech are likely to be highly accepted. Cross platform development is becoming prevalent for businesses that are developing multiple applications at the same time. 

Additionally, we have also witnessed that these strategies and mobile application developments trends 2021 helps businesses to expand and develop a strong user base.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is not a new concept. The growing use of mobile phones in today's society is building various possibilities for IoT technology. IoT application development trends is a growing network of devices that are connected to the internet. 

It provides its customers with immense convenience and automation. Smart thermostats can be considered a great example of IoT. Smartphones have direct access to the thermostats in your home. Thus they can adjust the temperatures through IoT capabilities. Experts also believe that the IoT market is expected to boost to $222 billion this year. Thus there is no better opportunity than now to invest in these mobile app trends. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept when we discuss application development trends. It is one of the majorly discussed and progressive mobile app trends. Lately, there has been a lot of progress made in the industry. For example, Apple has newly launched Core ML 3. It is the latest version of the iOS machine learning framework. It helps app developers to integrate AI tech into their mobile apps. 

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Nowadays, it has become possible for the mobile app development company to leverage features like image detection, facial recognition and predictive maintenance to boost the quality of their products. Investing your time and efforts into AI technology will help your mobile apps to become smarter and would also boost their performance at every level.


Chatbots is not a new concept in these mobile app trends. Chatbots have grown extremely advanced over the past 10 years. These application development trends are among the most common app trends in customer service and virtual assistance applications. As Chatbots is one of the technologies of the rapidly evolving app, Top mobile app development companies should consider integrating chatbots into mobile apps. 

For instance, platforms like Kommunicate and Diag Flow have grown popular among Android app developers when integrating chatbots in your mobile apps. These days’ various businesses have started to trust chatbots to improve their customer services. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

VR handsets and games tend to make big headlines. Hence Augmented Reality (AR) has various practical and efficient uses when it comes to mobile apps. As when the popular game Pokemon Go integrated Ar on the map. Big companies like L'oreal started to use AR technologies to help their customers check different hairstyles and look at their app. Google maps also utilize AR for helping their users get Live view as it allows users to physically turn their smartphones to check ground-level shots for a specific area. 

Big companies have also started to use AR technologies for employee training. In the future mobile app development technologies can be used by construction companies for on-site visits as well. These various AR development software types include AR visualization software and AR content management system. 

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Also, Augmented Reality CMS like ZapWorks and Kentico are making waves in the industry. ARKit is also a well-known AR development framework for iOS app development services. Various companies show their trust while investing in AR development software. Thus opting for AR technology in 2021 sounds like a good bet. 


The mobile application development trends are constantly evolving. Hence you don't have to leave behind. With the help of this article, try and understand top mobile app development trends 2021. And incorporate them into your development strategy in the year 2021. Consulting Top mobile app development companies can be a great help. Comment your feedback on how this blog helped you. And which are your preferred application development trends.

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