Microjobs: A Perspective on The Future of Work

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Microjobs: A Perspective on The Future of Work

Microjobs, or in other words, we can say 'gigs' are widely adopted by people all across the world. You must be thinking about what Microjobs are? Simply we can say that it is a type of job where you serve as an independent contractor. More often, the work is temporary or assignment based. You being a contractor, can charge a fee for the assignment you do.  

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In this article, all our focus is on the evolution of Microjobs and how they would impact the future. 


Microjobs were not popular some decades ago but soon after the technology improved, they gained a great evolution. It isn't wrong if we consider the internet as the base of its rapid evolution as now, people living far from each other can offer or attain Microjobs. Time by time, there has been a great contribution in this area as many platforms have been introduced to facilitate Microjobs. The most popular are freelance writing, graphic designing, data entry, and web designing. But, the emerging technologies of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation will greatly impact Microjobs shortly. 

The Future of Microjobs: 

As people are quickly shifting themselves to Microjobs for earning passive income, there will be a remarkable evolution we can ever expect. Here are some of the salient aspects which may result in Microjobs becoming more popular in the coming decade:

Increment In Wages:

As if now we see, the wages for the workers in the field of Micro jobs are from a cent to 2$ per hour, which seems a little low. As the competition of platforms is getting tougher day by day, employers are focusing more on the quality of work given by the workers. This extreme competition gradually results in an increment in wages of the micro-task workers, thus positively affecting its popularity. 

Emergence Of Retired Employees:

It has been noticed that more often, generation Z is involved in Microjobs. Whereas generation X, who are retired or getting retired soon, shall get a good opportunity to shake their hands with this marketplace. This is likely to happen in the coming 5 to 10 years, which will surely impact the growth of Microjobs. 

Micro-tasks And Advanced Technologies:

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will create many new opportunities and roles in the globe of Microjobs. The lengthy steps of the projects regarding these fields will be cut short in the form of micro-steps. The workers will then just have to master a particular skill-set to get hired.  

Commencement Of Aggregators:

In the coming days, there will be more Microjobs offered by employers around the world. For optimal hiring of the workers, the platform aggregators shall commence as an intermediary. On the one hand, these aggregators shall provide employers with skilful and best workers around and, on the other hand, shall portray highly paid and optimal Microjobs to the workers. As a result, both the skilled workers as well as the employers get full fruit.

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