Looking for a Suitable Laptop to Buy Here are the Top 5 Options in 2021

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Looking for a Suitable Laptop to Buy Here are the Top 5 Options in 2021

We can introduce you to the overall best options you’ll find currently. But before that, you must know how to choose a suitable one for yourself. 

Features to Consider before Buying a Laptop

Not all users have the same requirements, so not all laptop options are perfect for all of them. Therefore, you need to make a choice according to your requirements. So, you must consider the following features in a laptop to find the best one:

1. RAM

The RAM plays a crucial role in your laptop’s performance. If you want to perform intensive tasks, you need a higher RAM. If you face any issues with the device memory, find a skilled laptop repair Dubai immediately. 

2. Storage

This is yet another important aspect that you must consider in a laptop. If possible, buy a model that has a little more storage than you need. That way, you can make sure you don’t face a shortage in the future. 

3. Processor

Make sure the model you choose has a processor suitable for your requirements. You must choose i3 for entry-level, i5 for mid-level, and i7 for high-end functions. 

4. Battery life

You’d want to get a laptop that has long battery life. But, there are different levels to choose from in this regard. You must try to get the model with the highest battery life that you can afford. 

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5. Additional consideration to make

Apart from the above mentioned crucial features, there are some more you must consider. And, these include the screen size, graphics quality, port type, etc. 

Top 5 Laptops you can Buy in 2021

Various popular laptop brands have launched their new products lately, and more are on their way. We’re going to include the most sought after laptop options for various requirements here. Now that you know how to choose the best option, go through the list that you must consider:

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MacBook Air 

Are you looking for a suitable laptop for high-end functions? Then, the latest MacBook Air model can be a perfect choice for your requirement. It comes equipped with the M1 processor, which is the most powerful in the series. So, you get much better and faster performance than the previous MacBook Air models. But, that’s not the only great thing that it has to offer you. 

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With 8 GB RAM, this model can run most of the programs without any issues. But, it’s not suitable if you’re looking to run high-end games and other such functions. For that, you have other options to choose from. 

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Apart from that, it also provides you with a massive 256 GB of storage. The FaceTime camera offers a quality of 720p. Moreover, you get an optimal battery life of up to 15 hours. Overall, the MacBook is the best option that suits the requirements of most users.

Envy x360 from HP

Are you running on a tight budget? In that case, there are still some great options for you. Currently, the HP Envy x360 is the best you can find among them. It offers you the optimal performance and features at a comparably affordable price than other options. With an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor, it’s a perfect choice for all mid-level functions. 

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This model from HP comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 system. Moreover, it supports touchscreen functions as well. You can also use the HP MPP 2.0 stylus with it. Also, this model features AMD Integrated Radeon graphics to provide an optimal gaming experience. It can perform better in that regard as compared to other devices based on the level. 

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What about the battery life? This model can work up to 20 hours, which is more than the other laptops listed here. So, the HP Envy x360 is undoubtedly one of the recommendable options out there. 

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Dell XPS 15

This model from Dell is one of the popular devices for low-performance requirements. It comes with an Intel Quad-Core tenth generation processor. That should get you smoothly through all low-end tasks you perform on your device. Apart from that, it comes with a Windows 10 system to support all the latest applications.

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Were you looking for a suitable device for multitasking? The XPS 15 is a perfect choice for that with its 32 GB RAM. Moreover, its features also include a 4k Ultra HD display to enhance your experience. The slim build and lightweight provide optimal portability to this model despite its 15’6-inch size. Also, it comes with good battery life as well.

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The XPS 15 is one of the best choices currently for a college student’s usual requirements. But, you might not find it suitable if you have a tight budget. 

Spectre x360 from HP

HP has launched the latest model in their Spectre series very recently. Moreover, it has already gained a very positive response from users. After all, it offers you a perfect combination of stylish looks and optimal performance. And, that ticks the boxes of pretty much all expectations you might have from it. 

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This model comes with the latest i7 processor from Intel and provides excellent performance. Not only does it prevent lags and freezes, but it renders a swift execution. Further, you also get 8 GB RAM and 356 GB storage in this model. Apart from that, it also comes with a UHD Graphics 620 integrated into it. 

The Spectre x360 also comes with a convertible design. So, you can use it as a tablet. Also, it’s one of the best convertible laptops that you can find right now. Some models from this series also come with a stylus. Otherwise, you can buy an HP MPP 2.0 pen separately for use with them. For all that it offers, the latest HP Spectre x360 costs lower than other equivalent options. 

ROG Zephyrus G15 from Asus

Looking for a suitable option to run the latest games? Then, you must look for a device that offers enough power for that. None of the above-mentioned options can provide that as much as the ROG Zephyrus G15. This model has already received a couple of awards within months after its release. After all, Asus has always provided the perfect combination of power and looks in their laptops. 

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The Zephyrus G15 is undoubtedly the best option you have for running the latest games. This model features the powerful Ryzen 7 processor to provide the best performance you can get. Also, it comes with 16 GB RAM that adds to its performance. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 offers ultra-resolution graphics. Apart from that, it also features top-quality audio as well. Overall, it’s a perfect option for gaming but requires a higher budget than other products listed here.

Final Verdict…..

There are many other suitable options for you apart from the ones mentioned here. But, these are the best among all of them. So, you can choose any of the above-listed laptops based on your work requirements and preferences. Regardless of which one you choose, they’ll never disappoint you.

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