Lead Generation Strategies to ensure Business Success

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Lead Generation Strategies to ensure Business Success

Any business now has to revamp its conventional lead generation strategy by ensuring they earn the attention of these prospects. On the other hand, despite lead generation being the key objective of every marketing effort, more emphasis should be put in ensuring fundamental elements of the lead generation strategy are prioritized. To build a firm foundation for your lead generation strategy read up on Lead Generation Activities: How to Get More Leads Now.

Otherwise, find out below about lead generation strategies that can ensure your business’ success:

Focus on Quality over Quantity

It is appropriate to focus on quality as opposed to quantity so that the sales department does not waste their efforts with unqualified leads. It is up to you to do your analysis in determining clients who have the highest probability of buying from you. Notably, an ideal customer is one who is not just interested in free information, but one who is determined to use such information to make important purchasing decisions. Another crucial thing to note is knowing whether you are talking with the decision-makers, otherwise, you might just be wasting your valuable time.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring will aid in ranking your leads according to the level in which they interact with your marketing content, which ultimately helps you in determining the hot leads. As a business, lead scoring will be crucial in giving you up-to-date feedback on the responsiveness of your target clients to your marketing endeavors. It is an approach that can save your investment of time and money in marketing efforts as well as making you capitalize on sales opportunities.

Additionally, you can also opt to create a rolling pipeline that is structured into short-term, medium-term, and long term to help you give the prospect attention only at the right time.

Leverage on Social Media

In addition to boosting brand awareness and customer interaction, social media can be a pillar in supporting your sales pipeline. So, inculcate social media in your lead generation strategy to help in bolstering your content marketing initiatives. This can be achieved through:

  • Sharing content- ever had the phrase "content is king" in marketing. Publish content and share blog posts to keep people glued on your site, and from this website traffic you are more likely to gain new leads
  • Build a following base- continuously share information to showcase your expertise, be active in social groups like LinkedIn to build your credibility and trust with potential buyers

Website Optimization for Sales Leads

Most purchases nowadays begin with a simple online search. So optimizing your business website to rank higher in the search engine is an ideal lead generation strategy. This is because, when you appear among the top, you will be easily accessible to prospective clients, and you tend to exude trustworthiness with any new client. Other useful techniques include:

  • Website Landing pages - the landing page is the first page a visitor lands when visiting your site. They can serve the purpose of warming up new clients as well as fishing for your new leads. Also, ensure that your landing pages have one significant call to action so that you don't overwhelm your clients
  • Opt-in emails- Another lead generation strategy that can be implemented on your website has opt-in emails as lead magnets in acquiring potential client information, which can provide a pool of potential leads.

Monitor the Competition

Competition intelligence will prove very valuable in your lead generation strategy. By being constantly aware of your competitor, moves can help position yourself better in beating them to new leads. For instance, find out if they have launched a new product or service and how that might impact your client base.

Align Sales & Marketing

Without an existing congruence between your sales and marketing department, you are susceptible to expensive lead generation hiccups. It would be best to align the two departments to improve your chances of closing deals faster and efficiently. This is possible if they have clarity of your business objectives. In a way that each department is well apprised on what to look for.

Account based marketing

Akin to personalization, that bucks the conventional generic sales scripts, account-based marketing takes personalization a notch higher by focusing exclusively on relevant sales accounts that matter most to your company. Most marketers have vilified the fact that ABM outperforms other marketing initiatives, so it is high time you join the fray and put it in your lead generation strategy.


While lead generation may present an uphill task to your sales and marketing teams, as a business, developing lead generation strategies that will ensure success is within your purview. By focusing on quantity rather than quality, lead scoring, riding on the social networks, optimizing the website for sales leads, monitoring your competition, aligning the sales to marketing teams as well as using account-based marketing, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring the success of your business.

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