Install PostgreSQL on Mac OS X

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Install PostgreSQL on Mac OS X


If you're new to PostgreSQL and facing issues configuring on your mac machine. Well we're here for the rescue.

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system (DBMS) for creating & maintaining the set of data & information for your application.

Installing PostgreSQL using Homebrew

Open up a new terminal window and paste in the following command to install postgres on you mac.

brew update
brew install postgresql

Wait for the process to complete. HomeBrew will take care of all the dependencies required for Postgres on your machine.

Try running the following command to check if its installed correctly.

postgres -V

It should return the postgres version installed on your machine.

postgres sql screenshot

you can also run postgres --help to have a look at all the available options with postgres command.

Configuring postgreSQL

At this point, you have successfully installed postgres on your mac. Next step is to setup the configuration.


Creating users

Enter the postgres shell and create new root user to handle all the permissions.

By default, postgres will create a user by your system name and assign all the roles necessary. Additionally you can create a new user if required by entering into psql command shell.


This will create a new user for your Postgres with user name and password of root and can create new databases.

Creating Databases

Since we've successfully created a new user, creating databases is almost as easy.

createdb mydatabasename -U root;

Well yes, thats right, that's it for the database.

Setting up the right GUI Tool

If you're kinda familiar with sequelPro, then you might like PSequel. Although its still in its beta development but fulfils all the basic needs.

Moreover, if you have to deal with big data and manage your tables along with the every little trigger and stats. PgAdmin is there for you.

Give them both a try and leave us your comments below. My personal favourite is PSequel for its clean UI though.

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