Increase Productivity from Some Best Remote Tools In Market

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Increase Productivity from Some Best Remote Tools In Market

You don’t have to go to your office and work for 9-10 hours, rather you can just sit at home in your comfort zone and can complete your work. Recent studies have also shown that remote workers are more reliable than going to an office, people working from home are more productive and healthier. Be it a best graphic designer Arizona or a web developer in Bengaluru work from home has given them a boost up in productivity. Thanks to all the software that has made our work easy so we can even work with our team and be productive in this hard situation. In this article, we will see a few of the most useful tools that will help you to stay connected with your work and will increase your productivity.


This is first on the list because most of us are sitting at home and using this app to attend the meetings with our co-workers. Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool that allows hosting meetings. More than 100 people can join the meeting at a time and it is easy to work with. All you need to do is create an account and join the link. It offers high-quality video and sound so it makes it easy to stay connected with your team.


This tool is very useful to manage your work with your team. Trello helps you to break your work into small tasks and creates a card. You can keep a track of you and your team's works. It is free to use the tool so you can download it and can keep a check on your projects with your team.


Slack helps you to organize discussions with your team. It allows you to do video calls, audio calls, one on one chat with your co-worker. it also allows you to keep your discussion public or private. Slack also allows you to create different channels for different discussions. With slack, you can even share files, images and can create a reminder for your team.


Toggl is used to keep track of your time management. It shows how much time you are taking to complete a certain task so you can be more productive and gain paid the right amount for your work. With this tool, you can surely manage the number of tasks given to you and can complete them on time. It will keep running until you are done with your work.

Microsoft Teams

It is another tool that is used to share files and give you access to chat with your team. You can host a meeting over voice or video call and can even live your events for more than thousands of people and you can even record them for future use. Microsoft Teams also help you to share or edit your files from MS Office like MS Word, PowerPoint, and MS Excel.


This tool will make it easy for you to connect all the other tools so you don’t worry about data loss. Zapier can connect more than thousands of apps at a time so you can switch between the apps and share your data. This tool will help you to save time every time you switch to another app rather you can automate your work and leave for Zapier.

With this, we have come to an end with our productivity tools. These tools will surely have you to increase your productivity over time so you can work more efficiently with your team and can manage the work even on your busy schedule. As per the current situation we are in, most of the big companies don’t want to lack behind their work. They want to keep a complete check on the work so they can help the worker to work hassle-free. Sitting from home can be easier as you can save the amount of time reaching your destination. You can put that time in your work and help your team.

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Guest Contributor