How To Turn Your Old Router Into Range Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

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How To Turn Your Old Router Into Range Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

Good connectivity and the internet has saved us from ever-increasing work pressures and boredom as well. Who doesn't need fast connectivity? In these modern times, if you don't have a good internet facility, then you will be left behind and will surely fail to compete with the world. But having said that, it's also true that everyone cannot afford to spend much on these things as we also have to balance our budgets and accommodate other expenditures as well in it. Now you might think, what's the solution then? Don't worry. There's always a remedy to every problem that too without spending a penny on it!!!

The easiest way to get good signal coverage without purchasing a new WIFI range extender is to use your old WIFI router on repeater mode, which will help improve its signal quality. If you have an old router that no longer serves you and is just lying around somewhere in your house, you can use it well just with little tech settings. Sounds a bit technical? Don't think too much about this article. Just read on.

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Set up WIFI Router as range extender mode.

You need to access the settings page. To access the router login page, use the IP Address router or make a factory reset if you forget the IP address.

  • Set router LAN port to a desktop or laptop LAN port.
  • Use the static IP address of the same series in the LAN setup of your device. For e.g., IP
  • If your router login ip is, use in your device LAN.
  • Now, open the browser and access the router IP address.
  • Use the default login username password as mentioned in the manual or package of the router box.

Further change operation mode to repeater mode. Once you have successfully logged in to the router, find the WIFI tab and enable repeater mode and then simply search for host WIFI networks.

Now connect the range extender to the main WIFI router. This site scan will take barely 10 seconds. After searching, now connect to the main WIFI router from the list, then click next. Type the password to get connected.

The next step is to change the repeater device to the same network as the main router. Click the Finish button, and now your router will turn into a repeater. After performing all the steps, your router will reboot.

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Just keep a few points in mind, like place your router in a centralized location so that it catches signals. Don't keep it in obstructed places. Simply do these steps and live a hassle-free life and enjoy good connectivity.

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Few tips and tricks can save you a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, money. Plus, repurposing your old router into a WIFI repeater is just what you need if you are also facing a problem of slow or weak internet connectivity. Simply follow the above-mentioned steps, and Boom! Your problem is solved in such a short span of time that too without spending fortunes on it.

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