How to Structure Marketing Videos for Success

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How to Structure Marketing Videos for Success

Are you looking to boost your sales with marketing videos in 2021? About 87% of marketing professionals are using videos as a promotional tool. Moreover, 83% think that it has aided them in achieving their business goals. 

Although these stats show the potency of videos in marketing, a great majority still don't know how to structure them. As a result, there is less engagement, and people might leave long before your video ends. 

In this article, we will help you in structuring your marketing videos with an effective outline. Furthermore, you will also come across the dos and don'ts of video marketing, which we have reserved for you at the end of this article.

What Has Changed in Marketing Since the Internet Took Over?

Marketing videos are part of promotional campaigns that are created to increase customer engagement. In the old days, marketing was limited to mediums such as billboards, cold calls, and newspapers. But with the advent of high-speed internet. We have much more options available on the table.

The internet has changed over the years with the rise of smartphone industries. Whether it is IOS or android, these devices have made it possible for people to access the internet without carrying bulky computers. 

Social networking titans such as YouTube are offering new Ad features as part of their Internet Marketing Services. In fact, 55% of people are using youtube marketing videos to promote their service. So, we can say that videos are gaining much more significance as the internet scatters throughout the world.

5 Types of Marketing Videos You Can Try In 2021

It's always better to know what class of marketing videos you want to make. This will help you in determining what piece of information needs to be included in the video. If you don't know what to do, then refer to these 5 categories to get some starting ideas.

  1. Explainer videos

Non-branded marketing videos

Animated videos 

Crowd Funding videos

Customer testimonial videos

In case you are not able to find the right category for your campaign. Then refer to these 10 types of marketing videos for a detailed overview.

5 Things That Can Make Your Videos Stand-Out from The Crowd

  1. Research Before Making a Video

Doing research is perhaps the most critical part of the video-making process. Moreover, it is compulsory for the evaluation and accuracy of the content. The more research you do, the more ideas will come regarding the structure of your video.

If you are making marketing videos around your personal assumptions. Then there is no guarantee about its success. Your target audiences are looking for solutions to their problems. Make sure you research the different types of videos and understand what benefits each type can provide, as each has its purpose. The benefits of explainer video production, for example, include introducing and explaining complex concepts in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand. On the other hand, Testimonial videos are designed to showcase customer satisfaction and can be particularly useful in building trust and credibility with potential customers. By taking the time to understand the purpose of each type of video, you can ensure that your video is highly effective in achieving your desired results. So, make sure that your marketing videos contain answers to your customer's problems.

  1. Create a Killer Intro

Your intro needs to be compelling because it is the tipping point that decides the fate of your entire video. If it is not attractive, then your viewers will not hesitate to jump to other videos. Moreover, the opening sentences clarify what you are going to introduce.

Remember that the average attention span on a video is just 8.5 seconds. This means you have a limited amount of time for grabbing viewers' attention.

There are many techniques for retaining your viewers in the first few seconds. One common strategy is starting your videos with a hook by giving a quick preview. This lets your audience anticipate what is coming for them in the video.

  1. Showcase the Best Features 

Since your marketing campaign is all about showing the positive side of your product or service, you need to exhibit your business without being selfish. Elaborately describe what makes you better than your rivals and what features are unique to your products.

Additionally, you can create groups on social sites such as Reddit and Facebook for conversations on various aspects of your service. Ask your community about the features that they liked and what part needs further improvement. Once you have figured these things, you can make the outline and justify your point in your marketing video.

  1. Share Customer Feedback

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing other's opinions on a product or service. In fact, 90% of customers are ready to purchase an item based upon a positive review from other people. You can use your community groups on social sites to obtain valuable feedback about your products.

Try to make this customer feedbacks part of your marketing videos. Furthermore, highlight the best feedbacks and try to provide justification for the negative ones. Tell your viewers what initiatives are being taken to improve your service and what new features are coming.

  1. Include a Call to Action 

Once your customers have watched your marketing videos, they will need a set of instructions. Phrases such as click, like and subscribe, can persuade the audience to give some action. Interestingly CTA is not limited to this, and there are other options available too. For example, youtube uses interactive end screens to direct users to other video content.

Call to action motivates your sales to funnel, and ignoring it is nothing more than a grave mistake. There is a close relationship between CTAs and the sales funnel. A call to action has the potential to stimulate your customers' response. In fact, marketers have reported a 45% increase in sales after they included a CTA button in their YouTube marketing videos.

What are the Dos and Don'ts of Video Marketing?

  1. You must make a video that centers around your target audience. If it is not providing a solution to problems, then it's a waste of time.

Don't get too complex with the information. Keep it simple and to the point.

Try to make your videos fewer sales focused and avoid lengthy ones.

Avoiding including ambiguous information.

Create an attractive thumbnail to increase the chances of clicks on platforms such as YouTube.

How to Structure Marketing Videos in 2021: Final Thoughts

Planning your marketing videos is vital to ensure customers watch them to the end. You have to start with a catchy introduction and elaborate on every detail. How can you boost your sales by 49% with youtube? Check out this article!

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