How to Start Working for Amazon from Home

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How to Start Working for Amazon from Home

Amazon is probably the most well-known and trusted online retailer in the world. Luckily, a large corporation such as this has thousands of remote job vacancies for virtual workers in various departments. Among these categories are project management, information technology, advertising, finance, business development and sales, and even operations.

How to Apply for Work from Home Positions at Amazon

1. Head to

Amazon's job site is divided into fulfilment (which includes jobs like working in storage facilities and warehouses) and remote-friendly jobs. If you want to work from home, you should stick to remote jobs.

You could get to the worksite by heading to Amazon. Jobs and simply clicking on "Remote Career Opportunities". After this, you can either seek the role you want (such as "customer service") or apply some filters using the required fields on the left to see what's available.

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2. Prepare a Cover Letter

For your application, you should prepare a resume and cover letter. Your cover letter is your opportunity to address why you believe you'd be a good fit for the role you are applying for, even though (or especially if) you don't meet the stated qualifications. For instance, if you've previously worked in sales, many of the skills you learned can be "translated" to customer support, even if you're not doing customer support in your sales job.

3. Talk About Your Experience with Amazon

It would help you discuss your passion for online shopping overall, especially Amazon's business. In particular, it will go a long way. Bring that up if you've been a loyal customer for a while! Suppose you've ever had positive experiences as a customer. In that case, it really won't hurt to express how willing you are to provide the same sense of satisfaction and happiness to even more customers.

4. Talk About Similarities Between Your Vision and Amazon’s

Start paying attention to the terminology Amazon uses to define itself to help you determine how to articulate your experience and find ways to accommodate your backstory and aspirations into that type of culture. For instance, the company is renowned for being a "customer-obsessed" corporation, so bring that threshold of zeal to your application. Investigate how the platform thinks about its customers and learn how they influence the company's decisions.

What to Expect in Salary, Work schedule, and Other Factors

Interview sessions for at-home customer service representatives are done over the phone or via video conference, allowing you to interview from the comfort of your own home. Training is typically paid and done at home, though you could be instructed to go onsite for some training depending on the circumstances and position. The position determines pay ranges.

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Numerous customer service jobs require at least forty hours a week, but part-time work might be available. You will be required to work throughout Amazon's customer service hours as a customer service rep (which would include nights and weekends, including holidays).

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