How to Start a Business to Sell on Amazon

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How to Start a Business to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a well-liked marketplace for both vendors and buyers. It has launched its FBA service to meet the growing demands of sellers. This solution enables sellers to take advantage of the platform's distribution network, which is quite extensive, and consumer base to realize their business goals. It is the most popular platform among retailers.

How much capital do you require to begin selling on Amazon?

This is dependent on a variety of circumstances, but even with a little budget, you can acquire products and start an FBA business on Amazon. You can start with an individual account and then gradually move to a Pro account as your sales increase. The trick is to find profitable products and then reinvest your profits.

Select a strategy for selling

While you can potentially sell for free on Amazon, you will incur various expenses during the selling process. To begin, the company costs $0.99 for each sale unless you pay $39.99 per month to become a professional salesperson. A referral fee is also charged, depending on the total price and type of goods you sell. 

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After that, you'll need to include inventory costs. You'll have to invest in buying goods, storing them, and completing orders unless you're selling items you already own or you proceed to use the FBA services, which would also cost you.

Consider your approach to selling

Resellers locate popular products that are already on the market and sell them through Amazon's storefronts. Brand owners can either manufacture their products or obtain things to sell under a private label to provide buyers with a different selection. A large number of sellers do both. You can use whichever strategy is most effective for your goals.

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Create a seller account

You can either start selling using your consumer account, or you can register a new seller 1 account using your company email. Moreover, before you make an account and sign up, there are certain things you should have on hand:

  • Customer account on Amazon or a business email address
  • A credit card that can be charged
  • Identification from the government (the identity verification is meant to protect the sellers and customers)
  • Phone number
  • A bank account to which Amazon can send your sales revenue.
  • Tax information

Product listing

To start your business on Amazon to sell products, go to Seller Central and create a product listing (or via API). The product listings consist of the following information:

  • To specify the specific item you're selling, use a product identifier like UPC, ISBN, GTIN, or EAN. GS1 can provide you with a UPC, or you can request an exception.
  • An SKU is a product ID that you construct to keep track of your inventory.
  • The product's cost, condition, quantity available, and shipping choices are all included in the offer specifics.
  • Name, brand, category, description, and photos of the product
  • Buyers will be able to find your product if you use keywords and search queries.
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