How to Convert an Image to Microsoft Word Format Swiftly?

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How to Convert an Image to Microsoft Word Format Swiftly?

When it comes to converting images to MS Word documents, you have to proceed with the right tool that functions with perfect conversions. Thanks to the OCR-based image to word converter that has reached the new levels. No matter what type of image formats you have, the below-mentioned converters lets you process all conversions without any huge manual intervention. 

Pro-Tip: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the advanced AI-process that lets you convert scanned or printed PDF, standard images, and handwritten context into machine-readable files. A platform like cardscanner uses a significant OCR process for converting jpg to editable word document format while maintaining the formatting. 

Method 1: Convert Image to Word file with PDFelement:

The steps you need to make conversions from image to word file with the assistance of PDFelemenet is mentioned-below:

Step 1. Open an Image:

Launch the PDFelemenet and make a drag & drop for the image file. There are certain other ways available for uploading image file, but this one is easy to navigate. Alternatively, you can proceed with Create PDF option to load it

Step 2. Set Options

Make an instant click on the “Convert” > “OCR” tab or simply hit the “Perform OCR” from the given notification bar for enabling the OCR and choose the correct OCR language for your image

Step 3. Convert Image to Word

sIn this step, you ought to navigate with Convert > To Word for converting image text to editable Word format. In the prompt window, simply hit the Settings button for selecting the “Only Scanned PDF” option to commence the conversion process. These are the only steps that involves for convert image to word with PDFelement

Method 2: Convert JPG to Word with Google Drive:

Google Drive is referred to as an easy to navigate service for converting image file to Word document by using embedded OCR process:

Step 1. Upload an Image

In first step, you need to log-in to your Google account for uploading the image file. 

Step 2. Open with Google Docs

 Make a right click on the uploaded image and select the given “Open with Google Docs” button to open it right now. This is the place where OCR process will performed

Step 3. Image to Word Document

Finally, you can be able to select to download the converted file to a MS Word .docx format directly with a single click 

Method 3: Convert Image to MS Word with PDF Converter Pro

If you are seeking a program that lets you process PDF-related tasks with a single go, then PDF Converter Pro is the perfect option. It is indicated as an experts choice program due to the fact that it is swift, efficient, and reliable. Users are able to solve all the PDF conversion and management related issues without any huge manual intervention. PDF Converter Pro is packed with the OCR functionality that lets you convert images of any format into the compatible text formats without any quality distraction. Just follow the below-mentioned steps for exporting jpg as word online with the assistance of this PDF Converter Pro: 

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How to Change Image to Word with PDF Converter Pro?

Step 1. Load an Image

First of all, you need to make a click on the “Create PDF” that is on the main interface and hit “Add files” for making sure that the exsitng image is uploaded to the program

Step 2. Settings before Converting

In this step, you need to make a click on the “Advanced Settings” button and then from the “OCR” tab just choose the right language of your image file. Also, you ought to make a selection for the top OCR option to enable it

Step 3. Convert Image to Word Doc

Finally, you ought to make a selection for the output format that is required from the left-hand side. The process of conversion from image to word is completed here

Method 4: Convert Image to Word with Online Converter:

There are well-known easy to navigate online conversion sources available like theonlineconverter around the internet that lets you turn image into word online:


This is a full-fledged desktop-based program that lets you navigate with online conversions for images, documents, PDFs, eBooks, and other file formats. You can account with its jpg to word converter online that lets you transform up to 20 images at once without compromising over the quality as well as formatting of the resultant Word files. Apart from that, it entertains you with an OCR tool that lets you copy text from the image by making text extraction swiftly.

How to Convert Image to Word (Doc) with theonlineconverter?

  • Add jpg, jpeg, gif, or other image formats into this JPG to Word converter online. It lets you export up to 20 images at once
  • Click Convert and just wait for a less than a minute
  • Finally, Download the transformed Word documents at once into Zip file
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