Here is a Beginner's Guide to Chatbot Marketing

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Here is a Beginner's Guide to Chatbot Marketing

Chatbot Marketing is your savior if you are a business owner and want to increase your brand loyalty by cultivating customer relationships and enhancing customer experience. The reason being that the last decade has witnessed the significant adoption of chatbots in the business sector. All sectors from travel, real estate to medicine and education make use of chatbots to work efficiently. 

Worldwide, this feature has evolved the way marketing is done. Yet like any other marketing strategy, chatbot comes with its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we'll brief you on everything you need to know about chatbot marketing, so stay tuned till the end!

Marketing Chatbot

Let's start with what essentially is a marketing chatbot used in chatbot marketing. It is a bot that converts your marketing funnel into an automated chat that leads to practical action for your business. A marketing chatbot learns the customer's preferences and personalizes the customer journey in real-time by the data it collects from the chats. This leads to an increase in the customer's purchase intent. 

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

There are a few advantages of this feature in regards to your businesses. Some of these include:

Accumulation of Declared Data

Chatbot Marketing lets you accumulate declared data on your customers. What is communicated data? It's the piece of information people provide the business with while interacting with one on one. Companies can automate personalised retargeting, personalise the customer journey with your business, and conduct marketing research with this data.

  • Improvement in Shopping Experience

According to surveys, 83% of people who shop online require assistance when shopping. These customers may need help navigating your website and comprehending products. 

Chatbots serve as personal shoppers for the customers, guiding customers through their shopping experience. They inform customers about relevant offers and personalise the purchasing process to meet the needs of specific consumers. In this way, chatbot marketing enables brands to add value and generate demand. 

Things to Avoid

There are a couple of things you should always try to avoid when using a chatbot for marketing. Some of them include:

  • Wrong tone of voice.

One thing to remember is that your chatbot represents you. What it says is what you say. If the chatbot's tone of voice is off, so is your response, as a business to its customers. Make the tone of your chatbot friendly, approachable, and helpful. 

  • Avoid Spam.

Everyone agrees that chat windows popping up everywhere on a website is quite annoying. This is why avoid spamming users yet have your chatbot prepare a conversation and put it somewhere visible on the screen. Be visible, yet don't hassle people by shoving it on their faces.

The Takeaway

This feature also provides innumerable benefits to brands of all sizes and industries. They increase engagement at scale, optimize your e-commerce funnel, enhance the shopping experience, boost conversion rates, and boost your bottom line. You are missing out, if you are not using chatbot marketing for your business

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