Here are 5 Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2021

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Here are 5 Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2021

Some were initially confused and thought maybe they made a mistake somewhere or are not up to date with Facebook. Turns out, the tech giant has been testing out new ways to work out their algorithm, which means how users see your posts has drastically changed.

To understand and stay up to date with social media platforms, it is essential to continuously understand and experiment with their algorithm to see what works best for you and your business. This depends on the nature of posts and your business's nature; however, marketers worldwide are applying some easy tactics to outsmart Facebook's algorithm.

Following are five ways you can do the same too:


1 . Engage with your audience: 

The audience is the key to making any business successful. Hence, your first goal is to engage and prioritize your audience the most. It is always better to answer their queries and reply to their comments and messages and increase communication to build trust.

This is also useful and helpful for the Facebook algorithm, as it ranks those posts higher with which the user has interacted before.

2. Post when your audience is most active:

Timing is everything with the Facebook algorithm. You must post when your audience is most active, as it will help maximize each post's engagement rate. For instance, an entertainment post would work best from 6 pm to 12 am.

The Facebook global engagement data also shows the perfect timing to post, so time your posts and know when your audience is active. Lastly, interact on your posts with the audience, it does wonders for your response rate.

3.Go Live on Facebook:

Facebook live ranks higher than any other posts. Live videos that are being live-streamed are ranked higher, increasing brand engagement and reach.

And research shows that live videos gain 6x more engagement than random pictures and videos. 

4. Avoid posting clickbait or misinformation:

Click baits and false information might give you two-minute fame. However, the new algorithm does not support it. These posts are either low-ranked or stopped once the Facebook algorithm determines its bounce rate.

Hence, it is better to avoid clickbait and misleading information to increase brand reach and engagement. 

5. Track Content Performance:

It is vital to understand how your posts are performing, which means you need to keep an eye out at your Facebook analytics after posting anything on your account.

This will help you analyse and better understand what works for your brand and audience and what does not. 

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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