Effective Website Design Tips that will turn your visitors into Paying Customers

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Effective Website Design Tips that will turn your visitors into Paying Customers

Websites attract many visitors on daily basis but not all of them convert into paying customers. Along with these tips, our site should be responsive website for the user's good experience. According to a research, an average of only 13% of the visitors convert into paying customers, with the highest rate being 28%. Attracting traffic to your site is one thing and turning that traffic into paying customers is another. All that traffic means nothing if it isn’t bringing you results.

Here are some website design hacks that can help you convert your website visitors into qualified prospects and eventually paying customers.

Possible reasons why your visitors aren’t converting into paying customers

Before we go ahead sharing the tips, it is important to discuss why the visitors don’t convert into paying customers. Here are some main reasons:

  • The visitors are unable to find what they are looking for. In a study, it was found that 80% of website visitors become disinterested if they can’t find what they are looking for.
  • The website doesn’t solve their problem. People like reading in detail about the things they are interested in. If your website content doesn’t provide them the answers they are looking for, then they are likely to go elsewhere.
  • Your visitors are finding it difficult to contact you. If the visitors can't find an easy way to contact you, they are likely to go elsewhere.
  • Your website doesn’t look trustworthy. If your website doesn’t look trustworthy to people, they are less likely to buy your product or services.
  • They can’t try the products and services you offer. A lot of potential customers prefer to try a product or service before risking their hard-earned money on it. If you don’t provide trial offers to your customers, they are likely to go elsewhere.

So what do websites need to convert visitors into customers?

There are four key elements that every site needs in order to convert:

  • Your website design should be clean, simple and non-distracting
  • It should be focused on the target audience
  • There should be a unique and irresistible offer
  • The CTAs should be psychologically optimized

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Clean, simple and non-distracting website design

Your website is the face of your business. If your website features an old, cluttered and scammy design, it will leave a very bad impression on the visitors. According to a research, it takes only 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an impression about a website. Therefore, if your website design is unappealing, you might lose on a lot of opportunities.

Here’s are some changes you can make to your website to make it more appealing:

  • Focus on basic typography and the simplest of layout to maintain a fresh and new appeal for a long time. Simple designs need fewer revisions and require updates less frequently. A minimalistic design will put the focus on your products and help drive sales.
  • Strategically place images to subtly guide users to where you want them to go.
    • Avoid heavily contrasting colors as they can be very distracting. Focus on the hues that belong to the same color family. The CTAs, however, can be in bold colors to make them stand out.
  • Keep the paragraphs of your website content short and broken by visible white spaces to keep the visitors focused. White spaces keep everything readable, scannable and easy on the eyes. Also, the information must flow in a logical sequence.
  • Make sure, your website doesn’t take longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • Regularly test your website to make sure it is user-friendly and effectively designed to maximize conversions.

Focus on your target audience

According to a survey, 7 in 10 businesses fail because they fail to connect to their target audience. So, identify your target audience using market segmentation and make your website’s design focused on your target audience. Making your website target audience focused will filter out unnecessary traffic and entices high potential leads.

Here are some questions to ask to identify your target audience:

  • Who do I want to sell my product/service to?
  • What’s their demographic (age, location, profession etc.)?
  • What’s their problem that needs a solution?
  • Can my product/ service help solve that problem?

Identifying your target audience will help your website in the following ways:

  • It will help boost your website’s SEO
  • Increase your website’s engagement and conversions
  • It helps lower the bounce rate
  • You get better insights for optimization of your website

Make a unique and irresistible offer

Giving away something for free or in exchange for an email address is how most of the landing pages operate. Free giveaways and offers don’t just convert your visitors into leads but also nurture your existing leads.

What you are going to give away will depend on the products or services you are trying to sell. So, do good research to figure out what your audience appreciates and values.

For example: If you’re a software development company, your business may benefit by offering a trial of your software to see if it meets their needs.

Make sure to make it valuable and easy for your customers.

Psychologically optimize your CTAs

Effective and psychologically persuasive CTAs (Call to Actions) can result in your visitors taking an action you want them to take. Your CTA should ideally demonstrate value to your target audience and should inspire a desired outcome in them.

The right mix of engaging content and the perfect CTA can do wonders for your business. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your CTAs:

  • Use the keywords you are targeting in your CTAs as well.
  • Your CTA should look too pushy or salesy.
  • Your CTA should be enticing and useful.
  • Make sure your CTA stands out from the page.
  • Emphasize the benefits using your CTAs.

Wrap up

While most of the marketers focus more on SEO and social media to boost their conversion rate, website design is an aspect which is often overlooked. Most of the website design problems can be quickly and easily fixed with just a few tweaks. So, shift your focus on your website design for some time and convert your website into the high-converting salesperson your business deserves.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor