Codeigniter V/S Wordpress for Website Development

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Codeigniter V/S Wordpress for Website Development

If you are running any business on the online platform, then you might know that both of these concepts are important, and play a significant role in this technology-prone era. Moreover, every business wants to stand out from the crowd and to do this, WordPress and Codeigniter Development is the best options ever.

Both of these options are giving endless benefits to the users, and help them in making impressive business plans, and also guide the business heads while making strong decisions on a web. In this competitive era, you cannot simply leave a website with designs and few options; rather, you need to take care of it at every stage and should look for the opportunities to develop them in a better way.

Updating your website with flexible and relevant choices is the only way to reach potential customers, and amidst these scenarios, Codeigniter and WordPress would help to a great extent. But, often, people confront big confusion between these two platforms. Though, there are some sorts of similarities, but, they are having lots of differences in reality.

Things to know about CodeIgniter

Well, Codeigniter is one of the most powerful and popular PHP development framework, which have a small footprint. Moreover, it is designed with simple and basic elements, which are not difficult to understand and grasp. However, this open-sources software, or else, you can call it a full-featured web-based application, is quite fast and secure and can be used to create dynamic websites with the help of the PHP.

You might be wondering what the necessity of using it is. Isn't it true? When you talk about the Codeigniter development, then the very first thing that comes into the limelight is about its speed. Moreover, it has a fabulous set of documentation along with amazing user community, which is difficult to find in another PHP framework.

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However, there are other advantages of using this, which are known to few people like no issues during the installation, no conflicts regarding the PHP version, quite compatible with the standard hosting, no restriction and rules on the coding, easy security, encryption techniques, and simple solution for the complexities. The versatility of the Codeigniter development is known to the business owners, and they never want to lose it.

Important features about Codeigniter Development

  • Free to operate

The best thing about the Codeigniter Development is it is completely free to use. It is licensed under the license of MIT.

  • Extremely Lightweight

Apart from the speed and other benefits, Codeigniter core system needs less space or library to store the files, which further leads to quick and easy access.

  • MVC Architecture Support

Codeigniter adopts the MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for application development which is yet far better approach than the procedural PHP.

Then, Why WordPress ?

WordPress is one of the most well-known and open-source CMS (content management system), which is based on the MySQL and PHP. Moreover, users generally consider this is a blogging platform, and always desire to switch to WordPress truly. Most of the businesses have already shifted to this, and are enjoying the functionalities and features of WordPress.

However, WordPress is used to create a simple blog, but on the other hand, it also help to develop fully functional and flexible web applications. Apart from the simple blogging features, WordPress is also known for its user-friendly options, and this is the biggest reason why people are switching to WordPress.

Advantages of using WordPress

  • Its Free

Whether you are launching a website or work as a blogger, WordPress is always free and 100%secure as well.

  • Best for the Bloggers

Though, it was started as a blogging system, but, now, it has been developed into a fully featured and reliable content management system.

  • Easy & Convenient Setup

You won't find any issues while operating on the WordPress, and moreover, the installation is quite easy, and any HTML Coder can do it with the help of the internet and WordPress website.

  • SEO Ready

SEO being the most principal part in website development. WordPress comes in handy with SEO yet providing with constant codes making them.


As some of you may know, WordPress now powers approximately 30% websites of the entire web yet its being used mainly for blogs and smaller sized web applications but that doesn't mean one cannot utilise WordPress for larger applications. With the structure in place and by using the powerful plugins, one can build any web application in no time depending on their skillset.

On the other hand, CodeIgniter being one of the oldest PHP frameworks in the market is used for API development & for larger web and mobile based applications with basic CRUDs in no time with multiple options for Databases.

As a developer, the choice remain yours as per your skillset & how anxiously and speedily you want to make you website up & running on the internet.

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