Best Online Degrees in 2022 & Where You Can Get Them From

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Best Online Degrees in 2022 & Where You Can Get Them From

Our entire lives have moved online, then why not our degrees? Ever thought your laptop could replace going to college? Well, today, it is very much a possibility, and the recent pandemic has pushed boundaries even further and blurred lines between learning at a college and online.

To cater to that, prestigious colleges and institutes have also introduced online degrees for candidates who wish to study online. Online and remote studying is helpful in earning a degree in your desired field of passion, either from the comfort of your home or whilst you're at your job.

What Makes Studying Online a Better Option?

It is attainable, flexible regarding timings and courses, and not nearly as expensive as on-campus education. Plus, it promises a successful career in the long run.

We have listed down below 5 of the best online degree programs you need to consider for a better career prospect and where you can get them.

Software Developing

As the years progress, many companies, and organizations need software development. You can make a successful career out of software development, and you can do it through online education. Several universities offer bachelor's programs in software development and app design.

Stanford University, Arizona State University, Florida International University, and Oregon State University offer online degrees in software engineering and development through remote or hybrid sessions, which can be easily scheduled.

Data Science

Data science and machine language are highly emerging fields. There is always a need to sort out data. This task is not always that straightforward, so data science comes in handy. It applies in various professions, including information technology, statistics, analytics, etc.

Since data science is not a preliminary field, most universities offer a Master's degree, which is a great way to diversify your career options. Some prominent universities offering online data science degrees are Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Denver, and theUniversity of Austin, Texas.

Home Health & Patient Care

Home health and patient care is also a great field to get a degree in if you have a knack for medicine but don't want to commit to the lengthy medicine program. You will be in charge of taking care of patients and counseling them by visiting their homes, or you can become a registered and licensed nurse in a hospital. Davis & Henley College of Nursing, Franklin University, and Drexel University's College of Nursing & Health Professions offer certain online healthcare degrees.

Physical Therapy

Another medicine-related profession you can consider is physical therapy. Physical therapy is a very promising career, and hospitals always need good and trained individuals in this field. Degrees in this subject are usually online, and some universities offer great online curriculums. These include Andrews University, the University of Southern California, Shenandoah University, and the University of Michigan.

Solar Installation & Technology

Solar and renewable energy is an emerging energy source, and in the coming years, solar power will become a part of the global energy sector. This field offers degrees, diplomas, and course certifications.

Some universities offering online solar panel installation and Solar technology degrees are Delft University in the Netherlands, Technical University of Denmark, and the Penn State World Campus.

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