8 Essential Tips to Improve your Website's Design Easily

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8 Essential Tips to Improve your Website's Design Easily

Website design is vital. It merely takes 5 seconds for a user to decide whether they would like to browse on your portal further or move to the competitor. This means that you have just a few seconds to leave a long-lasting impression on your viewers. In today's day and time, nearly all of the work is carried out online.

If you are branding a business online, you must make sure to give undivided attention to the web design of your site.  In this article, we will discuss 8 areas that you can improve when designing a website.

1. Mobile Friendly and Responsive

As per a conducted research, 58% of a site's traffic is generated through mobile phones. If your site is not mobile compatible most of your viewers won't access all that your site has to offer. Make sure that while being mobile-friendly, your site is responsive at the most. It is in sync with different types of screen sizes and various browsers.

2. Reduce Load Speed

The loading speed of your site must be as less as possible. A viewer loses interest in a particular site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. It is no doubt that an online user is looking for seamless navigation when he is on the web; your site must offer that quality of content within few seconds.

3. Remove Unnecessary Content

Do not clutter up your website. Use the white space to your benefit and drawing attention to specific content on the page. More is not always the way to go. Therefore, keep every page on your site clean, unique, and to the point. Provide your audience what they came looking for quickly without taking a lot of their time.

4. Promoting through Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a crucial aspect when it comes to online marketing. A good per cent of your traffic is drawn through social media. Therefore, always make sure to keep them updated with the right content. Include these handles to your blog content on your website so that your viewers can further browse and explore your offerings through every medium.

5. Strong Call to Action

There are chances that a person visiting your website is not the best at browsing or does not need to spend much time understanding your website. Therefore, your site must make it easier for your users to navigate and understand with little effort. Guide your leads and potentials with strategically positioned call-to-action.

6. Implementing SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is an essential improvement area in online branding. The very purpose of this is to provide visibility to your content with the help of Google organic search engines. Enough visibility can get you recognition from your competitors and result in reasonable quantity and quality of the audience. SEO website will help your content reach out to those interested in your product and offerings.  

7. Layout

The layout and the aesthetics of your site play a significant role in attracting people to stay a little longer on the website. Overpowering colors or using various fonts can get a lot going on and distract your audience from the services you are offering. Therefore, always maintain a good balance in whatever you feed into your site.

8. Keep it professional

Professionalism and sophistication must never lack when you are working online. These two traits would give your audience the idea of how you perceive things and takes your business seriously. If your site's not professional enough, the viewers would think you don't have quality work to offer your clients or potentials. 

Once you have started an online business, you cannot compromise on the web design to say the east. It is one of the many tasks that there is no end to and requires attention and dedication.

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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