5 essential ingredients of a marketing strategy in Social Media

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5 essential ingredients of a marketing strategy in Social Media

Social media is like word of mouth, as information spreads from person to person. In this stream of content, it is important to be helpful and build a trustworthy business image.

To start communicating with your target audience, you need to use 5 must-haves of a social media marketing strategy.

1. Community design in a unified brand style

If you have a corporate identity (logo, signature, color palette, other attributes of corporate culture), then you need to use it when designing your community.

This requirement is related to the psychological peculiarity of the behavior of online users - to correlate graphically relevant objects into a single group.

Here are some tips for creating a community in facebook using our company as an example:

  • Make the community photo thumbnail readable from group search.
  • Use a pre-built community design layout.
  • Create an internal menu in the group for generating leads.

2. Generating a subscriber base

Creating a subscriber base and interacting with it is an ongoing process in SMM. You cannot attract people and count on them not to leave or to be active on their own. The task of the marketer here is to create a constant flow of subscribers to the community, as well as a target group retention system.

Let's take a look at some of the possible channels for attracting your target audience.

SMO - optimization of the main resource for the social networks of your site. Widgets, comments, community links. If you have a Call Center and you make outgoing or process incoming leads, then you just need to write a conversation script with a call to join your community. This small tool can provide 1000 new target subscribers per month.

3. Targeted ads for your community.

Integrate community links into email marketing, send emails with calls to join and links to your groups. If you're hosting webinars or live performances, remember to mention your community and encourage listeners to join. Advertising in other communities - either paid placement or mutual posts.

Place links on all media: business cards, banners, brochures, coupons. Accounts - do not forget to repost from your personal profile or create a work account, adding 40 target users daily. Post content that users like: this will lead to an increase in the number of community subscribers through the dissemination of information (reposts). 

  • Organize a competition with valuable prizes.
  • Loyalty building - dialogue with the audience

In order for your target audience to be loyal to the software house as a whole and to develop your group, you need to take an active part in the life of your subscribers. Interaction in social networks, as sometimes in life, is built on the principle: you - me, I - you.

Give valuable advice, offer useful content, answer questions, and help solve problems, improve the quality of your services. 

4. Content Marketing - Content Planning and Process Automation

One of the most important elements of an SMM strategy is content marketing. Before you launch your community and start thinking about social media in general, carefully consider what types of content and how often you should post to the group.

  • It is better if you make a content plan once for 6 months in advance.
  • What is important when forming a content plan:
  • Create categories or topics for your posts.

Provide yourself with the maximum number of content sources (at least 10), but it is best if you can create unique content. Collect content a week in advance and schedule publications also 7 days in advance so that you don't have to panic at the last moment. Create not only monologue, but also conversational content - communicate with your audience. Make polls, discussions, discussion rubrics.

Choose only high-quality pictures, use unique photos.

5. Subscriber conversion

After you have designed the community, attracted subscribers and built a dialogue with them, start promoting your own products and services. This can be done in two ways:

Convert a subscriber into a dialogue on your account and start consulting or selling a product / service right on the network.

Convert a subscriber into requests through the Landing Page by posting a post in your community with a specific offer.

After you have provided a service or delivered goods, do not forget to take feedback from your client about the quality of the company's work. Post this review on a social network and provide it as social proof of your target audience.

This will increase the level of trust several times and create a positive image of your brand or product. Collect testimonials from each client. Ask satisfied customers to make recommendations about your product to other users, especially friends. Motivate them to buy word of mouth with discounts and bonuses.

Once you implement these simple and highly effective technologies into your business process, you will notice an increase in the active audience in the community, and brand loyalty will increase significantly.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor