5 Effective Ways to Sell Ad Space on Your WordPress Website in 2021

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5 Effective Ways to Sell Ad Space on Your WordPress Website in 2021

Sell Ad Space and generate revenue from your site. A WordPress website is not just a great way to showcase your talent, skills and provide products and services. It's also an asset by which you can make revenue.

Are you wondering how you can do that? Simple, sell ad space on your website. There are countless ways by which you can sell ad space on your WordPress website. Yet to save your time and energy, we have compiled 5 practical and easy ways to do just that. So sit back, relax and take a look at the following ways.

Sell Ad Space with Premium Plugins:

Adning, formerly known as WP PRO Advertising System, is the most advanced yet easy-to-use advertising manager for WordPress. It has convenient and easy-to-understand features that create, manage and display ads on your website.

Adning uses page builders like the Visual Composer, Gutenberg to create banners. Further, it also provides transition effects with ad rotations. This plugin has an average rating of 4/5, so you can quickly sell your ad space by using Adning. Moreover, this only costs $28!

Sell Ad Space with Free Plugins:

Besides using premium plugins to sell ad space on your website, WordPress also provides free plugins that include Image Widget and AdRotate. Both of these plugins are relatively uncomplicated and secure. For example, with Image Widget, you have to upload an image and attach a URL to that image.

The only tricky part is that you have to switch ads at the end of the month manually. Furthermore, with AdRotate, it allows you to display banners in the widget area and on posts, and the whole page.

WordPress Form Builder:

While it is good to use different strategies to sell ad space on your website, yet sometimes it’s outstanding to blatantly announce that you would like to sell ad space on your website. Don’t worry; WordPress has made even this process easy for you.

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WPForms plugin helps you in selling your ad space to retailers and makes it beneficial for you. The pros of using WPForms are that you have complete control over the pricing and direct contact with the advertisers.

Automatic Process:

If you are tired of manually selling advertisers and determining the pricing, then you could make the whole process automatic. For instance, you could use services like AdSense to monetize your ad spaces on the website. Advertisers would bid for the ad space on your website, and with each click, you'll earn money.

Approach Advertisers Directly:

If you can handle everything on your own and want control over every aspect, then there’s always a way to approach the advertisers directly. If you take this approach to sell ad space directly, then be ready to provide potential advertisers with all the details regarding your website to be convinced to choose you.

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