5 Coding Languages to Learn in 2022

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5 Coding Languages to Learn in 2022

Choosing which coding languages to master is one of the most challenging decisions for anyone interested in a career in coding or programming. With this many languages being utilized for various purposes, deciding which ones to study will be based on your interests and career need. CodingNomads, a programming training website, produced research on the "best" programming languages for 2022.

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Python is a server-side language that can be used for basic scripting to complex web apps and AI. It is the most extraordinary coding language for developers involved in data science or machine learning, application development, and website development.

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Today, Java is widely utilized by organizations as among the most reputable and time-tested coding languages. Android, which controls 85 percent of the smartphone market, is built on the Java programming language. It's also the most widely used programming language for IoT devices.

According to CodingNomads, Java is more difficult to learn than Python but more straightforward and quicker to learn than C or C++. The fundamental reason is that Java has improved over C, and Python has improved over C. On the bright side, once you've mastered Java, understanding Python will be a breeze. Java is a good choice for anyone who wants to work as a generic software engineer. Or, is a smartphone developer and isn't afraid of a challenge.


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JavaScript, which is used on more than 97 percent of the world's websites, helps create interactive and dynamic content, animated images, and other advanced web features. It is among the most common coding language among GitHub authors.

Unlike some of the other coding languages discussed in this article, JavaScript is essentially a client-side language. This language runs on a web browser. Nevertheless, run-time systems like Node.js and Frameworks are increasingly employed on the server-side. Ultimately, if you prefer writing for design aesthetic and user interfaces, JavaScript is the most extraordinary language to learn.


SQL is among the report's popular languages. Although not in the top ten because it is more of a querying language than among coding languages, SQL has more job advertisements in the United States and Europe than any of the other languages on the list. To communicate with databases, you'll almost always use SQL, regardless of the programming language you're using. As a result, most software engineers would benefit from learning this language.


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In the field of programming, C and C++ have a considerable presence. C/C++ is used to write almost all low-level systems, including operating systems and file systems. It is most definitely among the top coding languages you must learn if you want to be a system programmer.

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Because it is exceptionally quick and stable, C++ is also commonly utilized by competitive programmers. It has a feature called STL, which stands for Standard Template Library.

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