5 Basic Adobe Skills You Can to Your Resume

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5 Basic Adobe Skills You Can to Your Resume

These include Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, InDesign etc. Know that learning to use these softwares in not the goal, to master them is.

If you’re looking to add additional skills to your resume, these Adobe-specific skills will make you stand out from the crowd.

Make Killer Presentations with Illustrator

PowerPoint is a basic skill that almost everyone knows. Not to mention, the infamous slides and simple block design are a thing of the past. People want more visually appealing presentations. With Adobe Illustrator, you can make amazing presentations, which only look good but are faster to make. You can also use InDesign with Illustrator to make your templates, backgrounds, and charts.

Adobe InDesign for Templates:

Adobe InDesign is a great way to make templates. You can even make eye-catching resumes and CVs with it. By giving you a canvas to work on, you can design just about any template and use it to make flyers and cool graphics. Resumes need to be interesting too, and with InDesign, you can make them look more appealing by adding different formats and designs and highlighting your skills in the best way possible.

Photoshop for Improvement of Websites:

Who says Photoshop is just for editing and manipulating pictures? You can use it to improve the layout of your website and make it more engaging. A website needs to be ever-changing and very versatile for manipulation, so using Photoshop is a great idea. It’s a unique skill, and it can show your expertise as a website manager. You can also link several content management systems with Photoshop and improve your website.

Editing with Lightroom:

If you are an editing fanatic and want to take your skills to the next level, then Lightroom is a great addition to your skill set. Lightroom is a glorified and better version of Photoshop and is mainly used as an image editor. Not only that, you can make your logos, pictures, and flyers even better with a few Lightroom tweaks. It will take your project from nothing to something in a blip. 

Graphic Design & Logo Making:

Logo-making and graphic designing are in their boom. In this technologically advanced world, people are always looking for the next best graphic designer with a mind full of ideas and creativity. If you’re looking to polish your skills as a graphic designer, then Adobe has a lot of options for you. You can use Adobe Illustrator to make logos from scratch.

The same can be done with Adobe InDesign and even the good old Photoshop. What you want to master is the skill of using these tools in harmony and creating something that will not only be visually appealing but also showcase your skills. There is much room for growth in digital graphics; with these tools, you are set for a great career. 

These skills will not just help you learn something new, but they can be quite promising as far as career prospects are concerned.

Laiba Omer

Laiba Omer

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