4 Best platforms for eCommerce website development in 2019

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4 Best platforms for eCommerce website development in 2019

Though there are so many factors; however, I would suggest getting a few important answers ahead of your eCommerce website development project.

  • Are you ready to sell your products online?
  • What are the tools and features to install on your website?
  • What safety measures to be included for customer data safety?
  • What technologies should support your online eCommerce business to raise the sales volume?
  • Lastly, what is your website development budget?

Every eCommerce website development company commits the same thing though there approach towards development is different. Every company focus on adopting an easy method to give on-time delivery.

Thus, customization plays an important role! Therefore, website builders, CMS (Content Management Systems), and web platforms come in the game!

In this article, we are going to put light on such a game-changing website development builders for eCommerce platforms. We have selected 4 best platform which can help you to make the best online eCommerce platform.

eCommerce Platform - Definition

Call it as a piece of software on which you build your online store, then run it to sell products. Also, the software provides you a few advantageous tools to manage your site with each day.

These software are seamless, flexible, robust, and creates a scalable eCommerce website!

Moreover, one thing is common between all; The drag and drop function easily helps you hire dedicated web developer to customize the site during the development phase.

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Furthermore, you can classify such platforms into website builders and CMS.

Drupal and WordPress are the two well-known and biggest CMS of the entire time, providing the best eCommerce features, functionalities, and useful looking online shopping portals!

On the contrary to the CMS, we have a few eCommerce website builder platforms which build an eCommerce site easily with hassle-free code. Website development for eCommerce with web builders gives better advantages.

A few benefits of eCommerce Web builders are as follows:

  • Creates easy and inexpensive websites
  • Customize better features and functionalities
  • Allow better web hosting, security, and updates
  • Integrated payment gateway system
  • Live chat offers, best online AI-powered customer services

Let’s take a look at our top, hand-picked 4 best platforms for eCommerce website development in 2019.

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1. Shopify

Shopify is considered as the best platform when it comes to selling a platform. For example, if you plan to dropship (delivering the product directly from manufacturer to retailer or customer), then you can rely on Instagram marketing or Facebook Ads.

Also, Shopify is SEO-friendly; thus, your site always functions to be the best in SEO. It is a subscription-based service stocked with the best product and order management features, multiple payment gateways, and easy customer management.

Moreover, it has 100+ professional themes that are desktop and mobile friendly at the same time. Shopify has an advanced monitoring system that generates reports on sales and revenue.

Lastly, you can make a point to point sales via Facebook and other social media platforms.

2. Big Commerce

BigCommerce is the 2nd best in the list of website development for the eCommerce platform & best shopify alternative. It makes robust websites that ideally fits best with larger retail brands.

For individuals looking to start an online eCommerce business, this platform is a good choice!

Big Commerce is a standalone software in addition to subscription-based services.

Including all features of Shopify like the product, order, customer management, payment gateways, etc; it also offers mobile-optimized sites and has 5000+ extensions along with multilingual support.

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This eCommerce platform is the best fit for those who are less tech-savvy and doesn’t the coding part of web and app development.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that affiliate sites under one roof. Though the WooCommerce doesn’t sell better than the above-mentioned web builders, it works very well with WordPress.

It is a standalone software, deeply integrated with WordPress and mange customers only via third-party plugins. There are thousands of themes and extensions available at WooCommerce. Also, you will find every kind of integrated payment gateways, email marketing, social media, 1-click selling, and shipping.

If you understand WordPress well, then WooCommerce is a sweet breeze for you in an eCommerce website development company.

Install it, add products, fix your website settings, and start selling your best products online!

4. Magento

Nike, Cisco, Procter & Gamble some big brands which trust Magento a lot!

In Magento, coding is a very integral part; therefore, if your budget is developer-friendly, and you want something powerful and customizable, then choose this eCommerce website development platform.

It’s a solid choice because of its feature-rich online store!

Like the above three eCommerce web builders, Magento also shares all the features but gets more benefit due to the large online community.

With 100+ themes and extensions, it creates the best eCommerce website. Also, it works faster on Cloud, trigger the marketing campaigns, and automatic cross/up-sell.

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Standalone e-commerce platforms indeed make the best online shop. Such eCommerce platforms offer necessary features & special functions to make online selling a great success!

Yet choosing one of these four Best platforms for eCommerce website development in 2019 is difficult. However, my personal opinion is a bit inclined to take the side of WooCommerce and Shopify!

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