Wordpress Website Logo Design (Options for Every Budget)

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Wordpress Website Logo Design (Options for Every Budget)

A logo for a website & business is an identification mark that clearly describes everything about the company in just one glance. That makes pure sense why people hire professional logo designers for their websites. Although its right to manage everything on your own but the bitter truth is very few people are expert in everything. Why make an issue of that when you can simply outsource and get this job done quickly by Top Logo Design Ahmedabad professionals in your set budget.

We are here to suggest some affordable places to get you your own desired designed logo. Just go with the details given below to discover the best.

1. Upwork

Upwork has registered itself to be the largest online freelancing platform in the world today for providing no. of distinguished services. Services like Web development, copywriting, designing, mobile development and many more, Upwork hosts hundreds of thousands of logo designers to opt from. It is entirely left on you to choose independently the right person appropriate for this job based on their provided portfolios and amount to spend on a logo. All the payment related transactions and legal stuff are handled by Upwork’s platform.

2. 99designs

99designs does not bind its customer with only one designer. Their services are very appealing and satisfying because you will be given dozens of captivating, all set logos from different designers who will compete to get your authorization. Level of quality and variety will be dependent on what price you’re ready to invest in which tier.
Their basic services start at $299 with a money back guarantee where you will get approx 30designs concepts and full copyright ownership. 99designs has a large pool of designers from across all the countries to get the valuable high quality work done of its clients.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr has a number of professionals who are willing to work for very low wages. These designers can actually find and get you impressive and quality work in just an expenditure starting from $5 that varies. But beware of plagiarised work and fraudulent freelancers. For a business on a set strict budget, there’s absolutely no other fine spot to turn to.

4. Logo Nerds

Logo Nerds will design a logo for you with various concepts and uncountable revisions starting from just $27. The quality that they furnish for the price paid is sunning, recommendable and satisfying.

5. Design Crowd

DesignCrowd resides more than 500000 potential expert designers from approximately all over countries. Same as 99designs here freelancers compete hard to get the chance that you’ll pick their submitted logo. You are not zoned to a set price tier but can determine on a specific number that fits your budget. Money back guarantees, flexible prices and lots of submissions make DesignCrowd a perfect destination to obtain your aspirated logo.


How much time it usually takes and commonly what is the Cost of taking logo design services?
These two questions are basic and you might be pondering over what cost and time will it take to finish a fabulous logo design. 1 or two weeks can be said as the appropriate time to complete the logo. But if it takes more than a month then you should check and make sure your designer isn’t investing his/her time on other jobs.
You can’t literally expect the greatest logo in just a few bucks. But it also doesn’t mean that you can’t get a logo in a set budget because it’s available for everyone. The ideal or average price which one can pay to get a good logo stands from $200 to $1000.

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