Whoops in Laravel 5.5

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Whoops in Laravel 5.5

What is Whoops?

Whoops is a nice little library that helps you develop and maintain your projects better, by helping you deal with errors and exceptions in a painless way.

Laravel 5.5 and Whoops

As you all might know, Taylor Otwell is bringing Whoops back in Laravel 5.5. So, we pulled in Laravel's development build in order to see how it actually works.

Installing Laravel --dev

laravel new laravel55 --dev

Running the application

Simply type in your terminal

php artisan serve

I'm using Laravel Valet here so I don't need to run the serve command.

Straight out you'll notice something different here. A cool error screen maybe? But we just installed a fresh Laravel application. The error is telling us that our application doesn't have any key. Obviously, everything was pulled in from the development build.

So let's run this command and see if that would fix this.

php artisan key:generate

Now head back and check if the error message disappears.



Whoops is a really cool errors management utility which lets you know the errors by providing the every possible details and the line numbers, so that one can understand it more easily and fix it.

Laravel 5.5 is set to release in the next month & this is one of the cool features which Taylor is about to bring in with this next major Laravel release.

Try and test it yourself by purposely missing the semicolon, maybe in your routes file & see what it look like in the front-end.

Usama Muneer

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