What's the Difference between Good Developers and Great Developers

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What's the Difference between Good Developers and Great Developers

Hello, everyone! Every developer at some point in his or her career thinks whether they are good enough in the job they have chosen.

So, what is the difference between great and good developers? What do you need to possess in order to become one of them? The answer is pretty simple - a set of peculiar skills and personal qualities makes developers good and eventually great. I will not write a lot about the personal qualities necessary for good and great developers. I would rather leave it to your consideration. I want to tell you more about the skill that makes developers good and great.

Let's get started!

Good Developers

There are a lot of good developers nowadays. These guys are real professionals in their field of work. But what makes the good? Let's take a closer look.

1. Learning Ability

A good developer is always trying to make everything better. Moreover, good developers want to make themselves better, first of all. They learn a lot and with pleasure because they understand the value of knowledge and experience. They are always ready to learn new things, technologies, and so on. Furthermore, they acknowledge that they have some gaps in their knowledge and try to fix instead of arguing that others did something wrong. Good developers are able to learn fast and hard and use their knowledge right away.

2. Time Management

Time management is a crucial and rather important skill nowadays. If you want to be successful ant any kind of work you are doing, you need this skill. Good developers can manage their time really effectively and it helps them to reach success in any work they do.

3. Communication Skills

The ability to communicate right is one of the most important skills in any sphere of modern life. Wanna buy something? You need to communicate. Need to clear out some important issues with a customer? You need to communicate. Want to express your opinion to your boss? You definitely need to communicate.

4. End user's way of thinking

A really good developer always tries to think like the user of his or her app or website. They try to figure out what problems the end-user might meet during the work with a product. What modifications and improvements can be implemented. Good developers always try to get into the end user's shoes and make their product as best as possible.

5. Expertise

Without expertise, you will not be able to do anything properly. You will have no opportunity to get a proper or just a nice job. For a programmer or developer, it is crucial to have some range of expertise but a good developer has a wide range of expertise that can be used in any working situation. Good developers know what they should do and use in one or another situation. They always keep gaining experience and knowledge to become better and better and use and to use them in the best way possible.

6. Positivity

Being a developer is a hard task and without positive things, you will not last long in this job. Positivity is the personal quality which is not so easy to nurture. It brings some color, energy, and inspiration in your job and life at all. And this, in turn, makes you work harder and more passionate.

Great Developers

Oh, they are rare air birds. They possess a strong passion and patience to overcome all obstacles and struggle further but without some peculiar skills, they will not be able to become great. Now, let's move to them and take a close look.

1. No Supervision

They are so strong, masterful, and independent that they do not need any supervision anymore. Moreover, they can supervise you instead and teach a ton of useful things. You can trust them to do some projects without any worries and extra headaches. Be sure, they will do everything in the best existing and possible way.

2. Intuition

In addition to all skills they possess, great developers have developed a powerful intuition. They know in their subconsciousness what is wrong and what is good. They can totally rely on intuition while coding and create just marvellous things because it will never fail them.

3. A Wider range of Expertise

Great developers have not just a lot of experience, they possess a ton of it. They have provided experiments, tried different things, failed, and succeeded for hundreds of times and that gave them so much experience to do their projects as nobody before them.

4. Obsession of Self-development

If good developers eager to know and get more, great developers are truly obsessed with the desire to develop themselves. They use every single minute to get better, to know more, and to gain as much experience as they can.

5. Mentoring

That's not a secret that great developers can teach you a lot. So, they are excellent mentors, because they really want to share their knowledge and experience with good developers, and eventually, they are going to be proud of their students. If you have such a mentor in your team, you are definitely lucky. You can learn a lot and become one of those rare air birds sooner than you have probably thought.

6. Leadership

Great developers are really powerful and mighty leaders. Their team is always ready to follow them anywhere because they truly believe their leader. Great developers can manage the work of a whole group of developers and delegate processes in the right and effective manner. The whole team knows that their leader will always cover their backs and encourage them in any situation whether it is a personal or working issue.


That's it. Now you know the general differences between great and good developers. Moreover, you can see the path of your self-development and move with a clearer knowledge of what to do next in order to become either a good or great developer. Work and study hard, apply all effort you have, and eventually, you will reach the purpose.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor