Top Five Web Hosting Provider 2022

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Top Five Web Hosting Provider 2022

Currenlty, the top five hosting providers are likely to be Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Zap hosting and DigitalOcean. These services are brilliant for organizations that want to take advantage of cloud computing resources without spending a lot of money upfront. The cost per hour remains extremely low and the ability to scale as needed is also a major selling point. In 2022 it will be difficult for any customer not using one or more of these services to compete with their bigger competitors in terms of mobile apps or websites.


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There is no one particular advantage that these companies have over each other. They are all reputable and reliable web hosting providers. There might be one or two small factors that you would like to consider before choosing a company like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or DigitalOcean but overall they will have similar prices and services.

The way to compare company pricing is by looking at what their basic monthly cost is for a small instance (single computer).

Goddady Hosting

GoDaddy has a feature that allows you to purchase the cloud services that are normally sold on a monthly basis and have them automatically billed each month.

In April of 2011 GoDaddy announced that they would now be offering Linux hosting. This was probably the first major provider to offer this as they have been offering other things such as mail service, secure shell access, web hosting and domain registration for quite some time. GoDaddy has released a new product "Cloud Servers" which is their entry into the Cloud Computing market.

  • Base pricing:
  • $3.95 per month per computer
  • Free automatic updates and security scanning.

More key features and detailed insights are in these GoDaddy reviews provided by web experts.

Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator offers web hosting for a wide range of platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. They have been offering affordable hosting services for a very long time so no one will be surprised that they are number two on the list. They don't offer dedicated servers but do offer virtual servers which use some of the same technology as Amazon Web Services.

In March of 2011 HostGator announced that they would be offering Linux hosting and in May of 2011 Hostgator announced that they would be offering 12 FREE months of web hosting space on their web site as an incentive to get people to register with them and make their new service more attractive.

-Base Pricing: $2.99 per month (single computer),$4.99 per month (multiple computers) -Free automatic updates and security scanning.-Free Domain Names.-Includes Free Hosting for the first year with no Ads!

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is a web host company that has been around for a long time.  The company was founded in the year 2000 but has been owned by WP Engine since late 2014.

How much does Bluehost Hosting cost?

The prices at Bluehost are generally quite affordable which is something that most people like. Many of the hosting providers available on our list will provide you with cheap options at first but once they are up and running you will find out how expensive the plan really becomes.

Are there any discounts for military personnel or veterans?

BlueHost does offer special deals for military families, both active and retired. These include hosting plan discounts as well as other discounts on their annual plans.

  • Base Pricing: $4.00 a month (single computer) -Started at $5.50 a month, now down to $2.95 a month.
  • Free Cloud software, such as web applications, backups and more.-Free Website Builder tool.-Fast customer support with 24/7 Live chat functions.

Bluehost is one of the cheapest hosting providers. It provides a fully managed cloud hosting platform and includes free domain name with each account, free website builder and free cloud storage.

Bluehost's features

  • Free Domain Name for each Account
  • The Complete Hosting Solution(Linux/Windows)
  • Free Website Builder Tool
  • Free Cloud Storage with 5GB of space.

Zap Hosting

Most of Zaphosting's customer base comes from referrals and word of mouth. They have about 1,000 customers that run their own businesses or small websites and another 5,000 customers using their free hosting service. There is no dedicated windows or Linux hosting offered on this site only cloud computing for Windows, OSX or Linux platforms. ZapHosting does offer Virtual Private Servers and Amazon Web Services alternatives which are very popular with many people.

This company is big enough to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services but not big enough to get noticed. This applies to all of the other hosting providers mentioned here as well.

  • Base Pricing: $2.50 a month (single computer),$5.00 a month (multiple computers)
  • Free Automatic updates and security scanning.-Free Domain Names. Zap Hosting Vouchers Codes also available.
  • Includes Free Hosting for the first year with no Ads!
  • Free Website Builder tool.
  • Comes with a Free Domain Name for each Account
  • Free Website Builder Tool.
  • Cloud Application hosting

DigitalOcean Hosting

Base Pricing: $5.00 a month (single computer),$9.00 a month (multiple computers) -Free Automatic updates and security scanning.-Free Domain Names.-Includes Free Hosting for the first year with no Ads!  -Free WhoisGuard service as well as free Whois privacy service, domain resolution service and basic Email services.-Comes with a Free Domain Name for each Account including 2 years of free domain registration.

  • Free Website Builder tool.
  • Comes with a Free Domain Name for each Account
  • Free Website Builder Tool.
  • Comes with a Free Domain Name for each Account


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Which is best hosting provider for Linux?

Linux is not a hugely popular platform these days and web hosts don't particularly make it easy to host a website with Linux. The most popular hosting is probably Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services all of which are running Linux. Other web hosts that are larger than the two major players mentioned above include BlueHost, GoDaddy and HostGator.

For many years GoDaddy has been offering Windows hosting as well as Linux hosting, however this is changing now with the introduction of their new “Cloud Servers”.

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