Top 5 Money Earning Apps in 2023

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Top 5 Money Earning Apps in 2023

If you’re looking to bag some extra cash in 2023, then check out these amazing money earning apps, from which you can make a comfortable income in the comfort of your own home.

Google Opinion

Google Opinion is a great money earning app, which allows you to earn money and rewards through taking surveys. What’s different and unique about Google Opinion is that you can take surveys according to your liking. If you put in your preferences and other relevant information like domains and interests, you will get surveys accordingly, making it more fun. Once the survey is done, you will get paid. However, you need to keep up with updating the app every now and then, in order to maintain the consistency.


One of many money earning apps, that gives high payouts, is CashKarma. This is another surveying app/website, but it’s different in the sense that its partners allow for surveys which are viewed by a lot of people. You can get earned in the form of cash, PayPal points or gift cards, all of which are equally great. The surveys are also quite short and interesting, which means more payouts in less time. You can also get money or points by referring the app to your friends, through the refer-and-earn feature.

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On Swagbucks, you can earn money and points by taking surveys, playing simple games and shopping with rewards. Once you sign up, you will get a $10 bonus and there’s no hidden registration fee either. You can redeem the points you earn through many ways, like PayPal points or cash and even Amazon, Starbucks and Walmart gift cards. There is also another option on this money earning app, which allows you to earn cash by watching videos.


Who says money earning apps need to be boring? Now you can earn money and amazing rewards by playing games! This is possible with Givvy. You can sign up within minutes and get started. You can also invite friends and paly together and you can earn Givvy coins, which can be converted into money. Givvy has one of the fastest modes of transferring cash into your bank account, taking less than 24 hours for a successful transfer. If you’re a fan of memory, math and general games, then you will have a great time with Givvy.


If you’re looking for an e-commerce website that also doubles up as a money earning app, then you can try Meesho. Meesho is an online selling platform which allows you to sell fashion and lifestyle goods, via apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. You can get rewards by registering yourself as a seller. Not to mention, you also get profit from selling products through Meesho and you can get paid within a few days through the good ol’ bank transfers.

There you have it! With these apps you can use digital media to its greatest advantage and earn money in 2023 and years to come.

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