Top 3 Tricks To Get Someone's IP Address

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Top 3 Tricks To Get Someone's IP Address

What is an IP address? 

IP addresses are the identifiers for transmitting information among devices on a network: they comprise address information and make devices available for correspondence. The Internet attempts to differentiate between various machines, routers, and websites. This can be achieved through IP addresses, which are an integral part of the way the Internet operates. 
By utilizing defined guidelines to transfer information, the Internet Protocol functions in the same manner as any other language. All devices can identify, send and share information using this protocol with other connected devices. Any machine anywhere can talk to each other by speaking the same language. 

How to get someone's IP address? 

Acquiring someone's IP address is not a difficult task. All you need to do is follow a few steps. Listed below are the three best ways to track an IP address.

The prompt code command 

One of the easiest and efficient ways to identify IP addresses is to use the command prompt on a windows system. All you need to do is open the command prompt and enter the "ping" "address" on the DOS pad, and then press the enter button. 
A website IP address with a command prompt can be found on the computer windows. The command prompt can be easily found in the Start Menu from the search box. The software is known as a terminal for Mac devices and is found in the folder Utilities. Once the command prompt has been found, please open it, and a black DOS screen will appear. Now, to find the IP address, you can use ping. A ping will try to connect your computer to the one you are searching for with your IP address. 

Email address 

Email is among the efficient measures of verifying the IP address of anyone. More than just the message, an email contains headings that provide us with important information from which we can obtain the IP address. 

An email is one of the best places to search for, to obtain the IP Address of almost anyone. IP address data can be found in most email programs through a built-in feature. This approach depends on the type of service or software you are using. The most important thing to check for is "headers'' for obtaining the IP address. There should be a feature in the settings of your email program called "Internet headers'' or "headers." Turning on this option will enable you to access the sender's IP address along with a series of new data set messages.

Looking for it online 

Many IP search tools are available online and are a reliable way to access an IP address. These tools enable easy searches of the IP address. Various organizations have developed various methods to find an IP address for the user. Or if you have a Mac, you can see this page, and learn how to find the IP address. Although most of these methods are legitimate, some are dubious. Certain sites can help find IP addresses and discover their location on sites like Make sure you verify its accuracy by double-checking IP address information.

The constant risk 

With such easy methods or ways being available for tracing the IP address, it has become even easier for hackers to access your data through your IP address. A lot of people are quite ignorant towards this and only think about protecting their computers and personal data when it's too late. One needs to understand that wherever your IP address is in the world, it is vulnerable to hacking. Most people are unaware of the protection of this clear numerical identification. There are several methods one can adopt to protect their PCs from probable threats. 

A unique password for extra protection 

Some people choose to stick to their device's default passwords, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Your computer requires, like all accounts, also a secure and uniquely decodable password. Choosing a password with upper as well as lower case letters along with some characters can save you from getting hacked.

Restricting access to applications 

One significant source of IP address hacking is applications installed on your computer. Cybercriminals are used as a platform for most messaging applications, such as instant messaging apps and other calling apps. The minimum call program should be enabled on your computer, and the settings should also be updated from private to public. Only people who are added to your list will have access to your profile.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

VPN offers you an encrypted tunnel for all your online activities to make sure that no one accesses your data from and to your network. This removes any opportunity to spy and snoop on your website and prevents cybercriminals from directing malware to your computer. 

Add extra layers of security. 

Additional protection layers are often a bonus for you or the computer. Any virus protection or anti-malware must be modified as it protects your computer from websites and web attacks. 
Hackers can be a threat, and you must protect yourself. You must take a protective measure to keep your PC secure. Make sure, in particular, that you don't try to antagonize any details you find. If you're not so careful, you don't realize what havoc they could wreak on your system. 

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