The Best way to improve Organic Searches in 2019

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The Best way to improve Organic Searches in 2019

Do you know that a lot of websites close down their operations permanently because sufficient people do not search for them? Considering the competitive environment that we have these days, the struggle to get more organic searches has increased. Website owners who keep a close watch on their domains actually excel without much of a problem. It all depends on whether you know why your website is going down or not. If more people are searching for your website, it simply means that your website has a high preference rate. On the other hand, if a website has fewer organic searches, it becomes hard to get traffic and improve business volumes. In an overall manner, it can be said that having a high number of organic searches is very important. In the year 2019, using the following ways would help you in getting more organic searches. As a webmaster, you must have to focus on the backlink generation process to get more organic searches towards your site.

Pay attention to the user experience of the website

Why would users spend time on a website if they are even unable to understand the basic functionality? Most website owners have the opinion that simply making a complex website impresses the customer and he starts making purchases. This is not a fact by any means. To start with, user experience is absolutely essential and you should make things as easy as possible for the user. If you think that some features are not needed, remove them. Users do get impressed with animated images, videos and modern info-graphics but these factors do not impact the business volumes in a direct manner.

For instance, if you have a customer on your website who is seeking anti-virus applications, he would want to get on the product list page right away. Even if he shows interest in reading the company profile and the technical expertise you have, it would be for a short duration. His decision to buy the anti-virus application or move on to another website would depend on whether your product matches his needs or not.

  • At times, the overall experience of a website is very complicated. This basically discourages the user from spending time on a particular website. Thus, whether it is the internal linking structure, website features or any other area, make things easy for the customer. He should not be required to spend time on searching things. A good internal linking structure improves the overall user experience. When website pages are interlinked with each other, users are able to move from one page to the other without hardships.
  • How useful is the website for a user? Even if the website has been designed in the most professional manner but it does not offer information which the user is looking for, it would be hard for the user to spend time on it. To get customers, choose a simple layout and informative approach for the user. Before the draft the content of the website, study the targeted audience and their requirements in a proper manner. What kind of information are they looking for? Which details would be beneficial for them? Would potential buyers prefer a detailed product description page? You should have these questions in mind to make your website fruitful and productive.

Standard of Technical Infrastructure

How do you feel when you visit a website with lot of hope but your desired link is not working? This does happen when the website is having a scheduled update or there are host issues but customers simply do not accept any reason for this. For them, if a website is not accessible and has technical issues, it is not worth visiting again. This simply means that if a customer visits your website and fails to access his desired link, he would not make any other visit and also promote your website negatively. In other words, you would lose multiple potential buyers and the rate of organic searches would obviously decline.

  • Website owners should always take the perception of customers into account. For a customer, his time is more important than anything. People do not have the time to check a website time and again so see if their required link is working or not. Hence, if you want to improve the rate of organic searches, focus on the technical infrastructure of your website. If you feel that something is missing or any improvement can be made, do not delay it.
  • Usually, websites slow down when brands expand and more data is uploaded. As the data size on the website increases, the response time increases as well. In other words, if a web page loaded in 5 seconds, the loading would time would increase to 10 seconds or even more when the data size increases. Website owners should keep an eye on the technical standing of their website. The request response time and loading duration should be monitored. If most customers are getting timed out requests, they would stop searching for your website.
  • At times, when an update is being executed, customers are not directed towards an alternate page. This simply means that when the customer browses the page, he gets an error 404 on his screen. In an honest manner, this is the worst thing that can happen to the popularity of a website. You would start losing traffic at a very fast pace if any of your key pages are not responding. Keep a check on all the pages of your website. If you see that any of them are not responding due to a technical issue or you are executing an update, redirect the customers to an alternate page so that they do not have suspicions about the technical standing of a website.
  • A website that does not respond also creates a question mark related to his legitimacy. How do scammers operate? They launch a website for a small time span during which they strip people of their hard earned money. Once they have earned enough, they deactivate the website after which it shows an error 404. Thus, when customers view a non-responsive page, the first thing which crosses their mind is that the website has legitimacy issues. Even if a customer develops a suspicion in his mind that a website is not trustworthy, he would not make a second attempt to make a visit.

Have you used the updated targeted keywords?

People would only end up on your website if it includes the keywords they are searching for. We can gain more understanding of this aspect through an example. Each website is listed against a set of keywords or phrases. When users search for a website, they use specific keywords. The websites which have these keywords as a part of their content are displayed on the screen among the search list. Based on his requirements, a user would click one or all of those links. However, this user exposure is only possible if the correct keywords have been used. Thus, it can be said that using relevant keywords according to content type is very important.

  • How do you determine the correct keywords? To gauge the keywords which should be used, using Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic option. A lot of quality content developers use this tool to determine the keywords that should be a part of the content.
  • Keyword preferences change from time to time and keeping a proper track is very important. At times, content developers write top notch content but fail to get a good traffic rate. This is because the correct updated keywords have not been used in the content. To get the best organic searches in the year 2019, using relevant keywords according to updated user preferences is very important. If you have not used the relevant phrases or keywords, a high percentage of serious buyers would not end up on your website.

Adding it up

Setting up a website requires both cost and effort. In addition to that, if you are not earning money from your website, all your invested money would go to waste. Thus, the key point is that you should be getting more conversions from people who visit your website. Through Google Analytics and Firebase, you can get a count of people who are visiting your website but making an early exit. This would obviously help you in gauging the core problem due to which you are not getting enough conversions. At times, websites do not get enough organic searches as well. Some of the reasons behind this are summed up below.

  • Websites appear among user searched results when correct keywords have been used. If users search for certain keywords and the content of your website does not contain them, your web page would not be visible to the users. Hence, keyword planning is important. For increased organic searches, make sure that the content is refreshed from time to time and the keywords according to recent user searches are included.
  • People avoid websites which have a complicated interface. If the website is hard to use, users would seek easier alternatives. This is when the rank of the website would start dropping.
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