Python: Industry's Most Infamous Programming Languages

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Python: Industry's Most Infamous Programming Languages

These include Instagram, Reddit, Netflix, and even Google itself. News publications like theNew York Times is also known for using Python for their website.

The language gets its popularity because it is very straightforward in its use. Therefore, knowing Python can lead to several jobs that could lead to a successful career. Since Python is one of the industry's most infamous programming languages, it can be tough to chase after a job as Python Developer.

This is especially true because many people go after this position after learning Python. Thus, there a numerous skills that one needs to learn to become a great Python Developer. It would be best if you considered the frameworks for Python.

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However, a candidate doesn't need to know them all. Most companies only make use of Django, CherryPy, and Flask. Therefore, if you are familiar with Python, you might already be comfortable working with one of these frameworks. 

Technical Skills Required for a Python Developer

Besides knowing basic frameworks, a Python Developer must have other technical skills. This includes getting familiar with the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) libraries. SQLAlchemey and Django are good examples for easily and speedily connecting to applications.

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Furthermore, it is always good to have a fundamental knowledge of Front-end technology such as HTML5 and JavaScript. This could help you communicate and thus coordinate with front-end members of your team. You should also be familiar with libraries. This would make your life a little easier and your work more efficient. Overall, making you execute tasks readily.

Lastly, you must be equipped with version control! To source the code, you must keep track of changes made to the file. Although this might not be an explicit skill required for a Python Developer, most companies expect it. Therefore, it is advised that you make yourself comfortable with the drill.

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Guide to Soft Skills 

Besides the skills mentioned above, Artificial intelligence is a hot industry trend. It is a growing technology. Therefore, understanding machine learning can truly make your profile shine. Additionally, it could be something to look into if your interests lie along the lines of data sciences.

As a Python Developer, some soft skills are essential to keep doing the job effectively. Even though typing code is essentially 80% of your job, it does not entail that you wouldn’t need other skills. These skills include good communication.

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Such developers also work as a part of a team. Therefore, for the team to achieve its goal, it is important that they can communicate with each other. Since a programmer is a crucial part of the team, s/he should be able to coordinate with the team effectively. Thereby keeping all documentation and channels clear for everyone on the team to understand and follow. 

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