Is WooCommerce Plugin-free in WordPress or Not?

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Is WooCommerce Plugin-free in WordPress or Not?

WooCommerce is essentially an open-source that is designed for your needs on WordPress. It is for anyone who is starting with a business. Besides that, it is also for those upgrading an existing one to an online portal. Or even just developing a site and working for someone else. 

With this brilliant tool of WooCommerce, you can and will work with both physical and digital products. These include goods of several variations having different shapes and sizes. It also allows instant downloads for customers and even helps the sellers market their products and sell goods from their homes online.

Look no more if you are looking for a view commerce plugin to help you get these features. Here’s a list of the best Free WooCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce (Shipping And Tax)

This plugin is, as mentioned, is absolutely free. With more than a million people using it, it has a performance rate of about 94%. Additionally, it offers features such as speed and efficiency. This means that you can install it and add the features that you want or need. WooCommerce Shipping and Tax is a great plugin that is designed to make its customers’ life hassle-free. 

All in One SEO For WordPress

Two million-plus people around the globe use this type of WooCommerce plugin. It has a free as well as a paid version. You can easily access the free version by downloading it. It is one of the most convenient toolkits as it is pretty comprehensive when compared to others. Another great feature is that it allows you to improve your rankings without learning SEO. You are required to fill out certain information about your product and does the rest itself. 

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

More than 70,000 people use YITH Zoom Magnifier. It has a rating of about four stars. With that, it is also said to have a performance of about 96%. It also consists of updates as well as support which is always a plus. 

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The unique feature that it offers is that it allows the customer to view products in detail. It does that by giving them an option to zoom in on the pictures. You can easily use the magnifier and to inspect the products you are interested in. 

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

This is an excellent plugin for beginners as well as experts alike. It offers quite a few features, including but not limited to swatches of images as well as colour variations. It’s free as well as simple to use, therefore quite a catch. 

These are only four of quite a few great free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress. We are sure there are more available that may or not be suited for you. Either way, these are pretty easy to navigate through and help you quite a lot as well. Download one that attracts you the most and make the most of it at your convenience. 

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