Installing PHP Storm in Ubuntu machine

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Installing PHP Storm in Ubuntu machine


Installing PHP Storm in Windows seems quite like a piece of cake. But when it comes to installing PHP Storm in Ubuntu, non-nerds or noobs find it a bit tricky to get it installed on their machines.

Step 1

Download the fresh copy of PHP Storm from their website.

Step 2

Unzip your files to /opt directory(recommended) by running the following command in your terminal.

$sudo tar xf PhpStorm-*.tar.gz -C /opt/

Step 3

Once the extraction is done, switch to the bin folder inside the PHP Storm directory.

$cd /opt/PhpStorm/bin

Step 4

Run the shell file to launch PHP Storm.


Step 5

Once the installation is complete, the application will ask if you want to import your old settings. If not, leave it as it is.

Additional Tips

Apart from installing & launching PHP Storm for the first time. Below are some of the useful tips for the beginners.

Create a Desktop Entry

Creating a desktop entry lets you easily access PHP Storm from system menu with better desktop integration.

To enable this functionality. Goto menu->tools->create-desktop-entry

Create a Command-line Launcher

For the ones with bit of experience using the terminal & finds easy playing around with commands. This features comes handy for them.

Enabling this will let you open up your PHP Storm by typing just a single command inside your project's directory. Goto menu->tools->create-command-line-launcher

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For example: We are inside the /var/www/html/foobar/ directory.

$pstorm .

The above command will open up a new PHP Storm instance of the current directory.

Note: PHP Storm is a really powerful IDE which helps you understand your code deeply & supports almost all popular frameworks. But sadly, it comes with a 30-day free trial period only. After that I would suggest you to buy the full license from their website. It doesn't cost much.


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