Impressive Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business In Online Catalogue Designs

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Impressive Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business In Online Catalogue Designs

Having a great catalogue helps you bring more people to your business as well as helps convert them from leads to customers.

But, the problem is that most of the businesses cannot afford hiring professional catalogue designers for them. The businesses with better budgets get ahead of them in terms of reaching more people and well as in taking the opportunities that come their way. So, to help the businesses that are losing to their competitors because of this; here are a few impressive ways that catalogue designers recommend to drive traffic to your business in online catalogue designs.

● Know your audience

This is the first step of solving any type of marketing solution. There is a lot of information about your business that you know but you don't know what and how to present. So, you need to know the people.

You need to know how they feel, what they do, where they are, what they like. Once you know and understand your audience, you understand the words, the photos, the facts that will impress them.

You will be able to answer the questions that they want answered. Audience is not actually a part of the design but it plays a special role. So, even if you hire professional catalogue designers, you should still do audience research and let them know about the results.

● Find your niche

There are services that your business offers, there are products that you offer. You need to understand them. You need to understand the market share that your business is targeting.

Find out the product or the service that you offer best or can offer best in the market and how you are different as compared to your other competitors.

This will help you bring a focal point to your catalogue. You can choose to highlight certain aspects according to these preferences.

● Read the colour psychology

In any type of designing related assignment, it is important to know the colour psychology. Different types of colour give different types of vibes and indications. This is a primary thing that catalogue designers focus on.

You need to read this and find out which colour best promote or suit your brand the most. For example- a children's brand can use yellow freely as it represents happiness and a men's clothing brand can use dark blue as it represents royalty and class. You can read a blog or take advice from catalogue designers to find the best source of this information.

You can choose a set of colors and make a palette. This palette can be helpful further as you can use different shades and combinations to make a range of designs.

● Make a list

When you know the customers that you are approaching and the specific products/services that you are highlighting, it is time to make a list of the elements or information that needs to go in.

A great way to do this is by writing down all the pieces of information and rationally deleting some of them as per different challenges.

This is something catalogue designers anyway should ask from you- you must make a list of things that you find necessary for your catalogue because nobody knows your business more than you.

● Find a template

If you are not a professional designer and can't hire catalogue designers, you can take help from online design tools. 

These tools have certain great templates that you can use and customize to make the perfect catalogue.

You may find different sets of catalogue templates according to the businesses. For example a writing agency would feature more text as compared to an adventure sports park. You can keep these things in consideration and pick one for your business as per the information you would like to promote more.

● Put all pieces together

When you have the template, you have the information that you want to put, it is time to make the most out of it.

Put all the pieces of the puzzle together and find the right set that you desire for your purpose.

This may seem an easy task but it takes a lot of efforts as you may need to shuffle information and pictures several times to find the perfect looking catalogue.

But, it helps you either see a lot of catalogue examples before starting as you know which type of information is an absolute necessity and what looks good in which place.

You should speak highly of your business and about your services but those should be facts. False advertising and presenting wrong information to bring in traffic is the absolute worst thing. You should avoid lying in a catalogue at all costs.

It is often read and seen that customers expect the website landing page to be the same or similar to the ad that they visited from. If not, they are tempted to leave the page as soon as they arrive and this increases bounce rate. A high bounce rate can even affect the SEO of the website.

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Guest Contributor