How To Promote NFT Art: Use These Techniques To Sell Your NFTs

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How To Promote NFT Art: Use These Techniques To Sell Your NFTs

In just a few short weeks, the NFT business rocked the world and has since gained popularity. The majority of you are probably already aware of the fact that the most well-known NFTs have sold for significant sums of money on NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Foundation, and Opensea.

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Consider establishing a marketing campaign if you've joined the NFT bandwagon and want to make a lot of money by getting your artwork seen by NFT collectors and cryptocurrency fans.

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Here are 12 tips and techniques to help you sell your NFTs for top dollar

How can I advertise and promote my NFT artwork?

  • Create a long- term perspective
  • Own a website
  • Produce A Captivating Teaser
  • Social media
  • Use the appropriate hashtags
  • Increase your following or use someone else's
  • Sign up for discord forums
  • Register for NFT marketplace newsletters
  • Obtain media attention
  • Collaborate
  • Become a collector

Last but not least, be true to who you are

1. Create a long-term perspective first and foremost

Many artists who are new to the NFT ecosystem believe they may make quick money by having their works of art coined or tokenized. If you have this initial perspective, you need to adjust it or you might find it difficult to stay engaged.

What seems to be an overnight success...isn't at all an overnight success, like in the case of Beeple making millions with his collection of NFT art. He and other artists have spent years honing their techniques and establishing their reputations and fan bases.

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Visual artist Houda Bakkali, whose digital works were recently highlighted in #TimePieces had a favourable outlook on the NFT ecosystem and stressed the value of maintaining focus.

2. Own a website

Start building an NFT Minting Website if you don't already have one. Having a website enhances your credibility. You can create a brand for yourself to differentiate you from the other players in the NFT market. Markets like Opensea will appreciate your more reputable appearance since they are more inclined to verify you.

By letting people know what you have to offer, a little about your background as an artist, and your creative endeavours, you may add value to your art by having a website. Even better, you can instruct viewers on blockchain, NFT, and similar topics.

3. Produce A Captivating Teaser

Before you release your subsequent NFT drop, think about adding this item to your list of priorities. The purpose of a teaser is to inform people about your NFT project before it is publicly released.

It works well to pique the attention of NFT collectors and enthusiasts and encourages them to keep checking in so they won't miss the announcement of your release.

More individuals will wait for your drop after seeing your teaser, the more inventive and attention-grabbing it is.

4. Social Media

Spread the word about your drop on Twitter

Start promoting your NFTs if you already have a Twitter account and a sizable following.

Many artists now use Twitter as a well-liked medium to display their NFT art series. Twitter allows users to share and retweet other artists' work, which promotes networking and community building.

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On Twitter, there are a tonne of NFT artists and communities that are eager to help. But exercise caution. You might run into persons who identify as NFT collectors and say they have a lot of money to spend on cryptographic art. They frequently don't seem sincere. Choose those who have already placed a bid on your work at auction to be on the safe side.

Promote your drop on Instagram

Instagram is a strong platform that you may utilise to establish your online identity and advertise NFTs, even though posting links is only permitted in your bio.

Use hashtags and post frequently to increase the number of people who see your NFT post. Regular posting and the effective use of hashtags will draw in readers who are interested.

Additionally, you are indirectly stimulating local demand for your NFTs. They are most likely to share your message there as well, similar to Twitter.

Create a thread on the Reddit

Another beneficial and knowledgeable platform for promoting NFTs is Reddit. Voting determines how content is prioritised, so if your post receives a lot of votes, it will be seen by many viewers.

Find suitable subreddits to join if you plan to promote your NFTs there. Then start getting acquainted with the platform by leaving comments on other users' postings, particularly the more popular ones since they are more likely to be viewed by other users. You will have a better probability of gaining followers as a result.

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Once you are comfortable using the site, you can add material about your NFT drops or start a Q&A discussion. Don't forget to introduce yourself to the audience. Try to be as enticing as you can. When members of the community believe you can truly add value, they will support you.

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5. Use the appropriate hashtags

The following are the top twelve hashtags on Twitter and Instagram:

#nft #nftart #nftartist #nfts #nftcollector #nftcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #nftphotography #nftanimation #nftvideo #digitalart

Think about including these hashtags in your profile descriptions and posts.

6. Increase your following or use someone else's

When it comes to promoting your NFTs, gaining a social media following might have significant advantages. Markets for NFT products are primarily predicated on scarcity. This implies that the price of your artwork will increase in direct proportion to the level of demand.

Your supporters will begin to place value in what you do after you develop a following or capitalise on someone else's. The more your fan base, the greater the potential demand for your artwork.

By distributing your messages to people in their network, they will even be promoting you in your favour. A far bigger audience, perhaps including NFT collectors, art fans, and crypto enterprises, may eventually notice your posts.

7. Sign up for Discord forums

You can communicate, share, and display your NFTs in a variety of conversation forums on Discord. Some of the forums are invite-only and private. Whether you want to join a public or private forum, just be careful not to spam the community forums. You might end up being expelled.

Be sincere and truthful when speaking up in talks. Additionally, it helps if you can make an effort to showcase your industry knowledge and inform them of the nature of your NFT projects. This can create a sense of anticipation, and others in the neighbourhood will remember you and your mannerisms.

8. Register for NFT marketplace newsletters

Several times a week, NFT marketplaces and other cryptocurrency platforms would typically issue email newsletters to their subscribers informing them of the newest releases, upgrades, and hottest trends in the NFT industry.

Among the subscribers who frequently look for artworks presented in the newsletters are collectors and NFT fans. For you, this is wonderful news! By being highlighted in their newsletters, you can present your NFTs to potential customers.

Take advantage of the chance by signing up for their newsletters, then start an outreach campaign. To pitch your artwork and ask to be featured on these NFT marketplaces' newsletters, get in touch with the teams running them.

Simply email them (their contact information is typically available on their websites) and let them know why they should look at your NFTs. They are more likely to highlight your drop on their newsletters if you ask nicely.

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9. Obtain media attention

You must work hard to advertise your brand in order to sell your NFTs. Because, let's face it, consumers won't want to purchase your goods if they are unsure of what they are. Writing an article specifically about you and your NFT projects will therefore be a fantastic idea.

You might try contacting authors, bloggers, or journalists, particularly those from media businesses, to ask them to write a piece about you. They typically have a larger readership, so when your content is posted on their website, many people will view it.

Additionally, you can create a blog post on Medium to inform readers about your NFTs and include all the information about your drop. It's also a wonderful strategy to gain visibility because Medium is a well-known media site.

Contact us if writing feels like a laborious procedure for you despite your desire to be covered by the media.

10. Collaborate

If you didn't already know, the NFT community is seeing an increase in the trend of artist collaboration. Entrepreneurs and music artists frequently connect, encourage, and work with one another to promote and expand their brands, just like in business or the music industry.

You connect and share each other's work and enthusiasm when you make an attempt to collaborate with other NFT artists. Each of your partners will have a network of supporters who will likely visit and view your NFTs.

The team or partnership should be as robust as possible. Artist and author Loopify recently selected the work of 100 lesser-known painters and sold their NFT paintings for $89,000, which is seven times the original Rarible listing price.

11. Become a collector

Blockchain technology, a decentralised ecosystem, powers NFTs. This implies that there are no longer the obstacles we often encounter in the analogue world between collectors and artists.

By becoming an NFT collector, you are fostering the creator economy and assisting artists. You will gain from the richer economy in a variety of ways as well:

  • You get to connect with the artist in a special way while owning a unique piece of digital art.
  • Build credibility by sharing the NFTs you've gathered from other artists and tagging them in your posts. This will increase the size of your audience and the amount of additional potential collectors.
  • Some NFT ventures also offer their customers enticing rewards like access to upcoming events, extra free content, and even financial advantages. One excellent example of a project that supports both collectors and artists is #TimePieces.

This is a tactical move that will make a minor contribution to your upcoming NFT release.

12. Last but not least, be true to who you are

NFTs are reinventing art since it is rare and has traceable ownership. According to the artists I spoke with, there are countless opportunities to profit from your NFTs.

The NFT ecosystem offers designers and artists a singular opportunity to concentrate on themselves and produce work they are passionate about. So take advantage of this chance to create art that reflects your personality while remaining true to who you are.

What you stand for is what makes you distinct. The greater the likelihood of success, the more distinctive and indisputably rare your art is.

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