How to Create a Custom Background on Google Meet

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How to Create a Custom Background on Google Meet

Finally aligning itself in line with Zoom and Microsoft Team, Google recently incorporated customized backgrounds in Google meet calls. This means that now you can give your meet background a personalized touch that would sit right with your personality and mood. It can be anything from wall art to a landscape or pictures of things you love. 

If you want to have a customized background in your next Google meet conference call, read through the articles for easily doable steps. 

What makes the perfect Google Meet background?

Be it a professional meeting, a virtual classroom, or just a catch-up conference call with your friends, your customized background will set the tone and impression of the call. When you are picking out a background, it must have the right size, format, and ratio. 

The Google meet background customization requires the used image to be JPG or JPEG file in sRGB colour space. The picture must be horizontal, in a landscape with preferable pixels of 1920 by 1090 and the size within 16MB. 

How to change your background prior to a call?

Changing a video call background before a call is super simple. If you follow the following steps, you will be able to do it within no time.

- Go to

- Here, you will either be asked to enter a code to an already existing meeting or create your meeting link or instant meeting.

- Now that you have entered your meeting room, you will see a circle with a person icon in the bottom right corner. These are the Change background options. 

- After you click the icon, you will see plenty of background options to choose from. 

- You can also use your imagination to click the plus “+” sign on the screen.

How to change the background during a call?

Changing your background while you are already in a call is also possible. When you wish to do so or play around with backgrounds, then

- Go to

- When you are in the call, click the three dots at the bottom right of the screen

- Select Change background from the menu, and you will get a display of all the Google Meet backgrounds. 

- As mentioned earlier, you can add your images with the plus sign 

Currently, this feature is only incorporated in ChromeOS and Chrome Web browser and not the apps. But Google said that they are planning on bringing this feature to the applications very soon. 

Using the 'Change Background' feature can lag your computer and make it inefficient. If you notice such a change in your computer’s performance, it would be better to turn this feature off. 

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