How to build a professional website in less than 1 hour using a website builder

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How to build a professional website in less than 1 hour using a website builder

Anyone can create their website. The second thing is how quality it will be and how long the development process will take. In 2021, you don't have to be a web developer or a coding specialist. Just choose a website builder. Thanks to it, you will benefit in time from those who begin to understand this complex digital field from scratch. The most popular web hosting have long been tested to the last detail. You should read more reliable resources, reviews, and opinions about these tools. You are ten steps ahead if you have chosen a website builder for your own needs. So what should the action plan be?

The main requirements for creating a website:

  1. The domain name (your website address, for example,
  2. Web hosting (a provider that makes your website visible online with all the benefits)

These items are necessary for functionality and professionalism. People search for your website using a domain name, and web hosting makes it available to the world. After selecting these items, the builder's website starts working. Your platform works independently on HTML/CSS code and takes into account your wishes.

The importance of the domain

Hosts initially offer domain names (domains), but you can offer your own if you do not like the name. In addition, it is possible to use extensions .org, .net, .eu and others. We recommend specifying classic names: .com, .org, .net. Therefore, it is not necessary to include a search keyword in the title. The name should be easy to remember and contain the main theme of the site. The domain will be etched in the user's memory, and they will easily find you in search.

The importance of the hosting

All content, illustrations, files of your site are stored in space — web hosting. Without it, our ultimate goal is unrealistic. Thanks to hosting, everything is stored and available for public use. Among the advantages of quality hosting are: 

  • high site performance,
  • fast response, 
  • exceptional technical support, 
  • website security, 
  • the email address is associated with the domain, 
  • customer trust, 
  • a large number of visitors.

Hosting provides public access to your virtual address, and you get a financial benefit from it.

Rules of the perfect hosting


The hosting service should guarantee you up to 100% uptime. This ensures reliability and quality of work. Thanks to these settings, the site will rarely go offline. If you need a lot of traffic, then pay attention to the reliability of hosting.


The site's slowness will only take away your customers, and this is what you don’t want to happen.

Support your customers

When technical problems arise, a person should know that site owners can be relied upon to solve a problem. Hosting support should be fast and real-time. If you need to send emails and wait for a few hours to respond, this is an obvious drawback.

Drag the Design to your Page

If you want to stand out from the crowd, come up with a brand image that people will remember. All Instagram stores or advertising pages on Facebook have the same design. However, you have an advantage — your site, where you set the design rules. Of course, you can hire a web designer and pay $2,000 for a beautiful design. Or you can also use our advice, save some money, and make a wonderful and unique design with the help of a website builder just in 1 hour.

Aesthetics, interaction, readability are some of the main indicators of your site's web design quality. Choosing a site layout is a difficult decision for many. First, you think about what you want to show, and then the design will work for you. Remember the target audience and your brand. Keep your site easily accessible, orderly, and with quality graphics.

What else matters for a successful website?

Ease of use

If your website visitors require additional tech skills to find some information on your website, they will most likely leave. Convenience is important in everything and websites in particular. The user must intuitively know about all the options and functions without applying special knowledge.


Search engine optimization (SEO) automatically takes you to the top of the web search if the content is good and relevant. Your content should be as informative as possible to interest the user. Take care of the content of the site to make it more attractive. If SEO optimization works perfectly, then visibility among other sites will increase. You will be found faster on the Internet. 


All components are certainly important, and can’t do without them. Besides, this list is not exhaustive. One of the most important rules is constantly updating your site, making it better, and introducing new features.

Time to summarize all the points.

How to create a website?

  1. Select a website builder.
  2. Choose a plan that suits your needs and the amount of money.
  3. Create a domain name.
  4. Choose a website hosting.
  5. Customize your website design.
  6. Download, format content.
  7. Test the website.
  8. Publish your website online.


The website builder is easy to use as its interface is designed for non-professionals. In the third quarter of 2019 alone, almost 360 million domain names were registered. These numbers are growing every day, and you should not wait to think about a creative name. Motivation and readiness for action — that's what you need. It is thanks to the drive that you have more strength to conquer new heights. There is nothing impossible and creating a cool site without coding knowledge is quite possible with the help of a website builder.

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