How Smart Startups Keep Users Engaged

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How Smart Startups Keep Users Engaged

Indisputably, the mobile industry is growing rapidly and applications are the way to go. For app startups, there have never been better times in the history to begin a profitable business. Day-by-day, more and more consumers are striving for the on-demand services to get things done easily and without any hassle.

As we all know that it’s also never been easier to develop an application; however, it’s never been that difficult to rise above the noise and retain a committed and engaged user base. With millions of applications on the app store, you need to make your app stand out from the rest of the apps. When it comes to talking about the engagement, it means different things for different business, for instance, if you have a social application, you want users to be active regularly whereas if you have a service app, you want users to access for certain times.

It doesn’t matter what are your engagements goals, there are different ways how smart and successful startups keep their users engaged till the end. In this post, we have given four different ways to keep your users engaged throughout their journey, so let’s have a look at these ways:

Make a Strong First Impression

There is one saying “You only have one chance to make a first impression” that is true in many situations also. Your application also has one chance to make a strong impression among its users. The average application loses approximately 77% of its customers after only two or three days of use. Moreover, more than 3 months’ timeline, the huge majority of apps lose almost their whole user base. Hence, the number of users, who are downloading an application then never use it again is high. So, it is must for businesses to grab the first-time users right from the beginning. Try to make their first experience as delightful as possible. You can share what your app does and getting them set-up instantly.

Create Value for your Valuable Customers

Creating or adding value is the most important tactic that can be used by every small business, enterprise and app startups. Through this high-end tactic, they can acquire and retain their customers, increase brand awareness and differentiate one’s place in the marketplace. A customer value plan explains why customers wanted to do business with you and what is the main thing that sets your brand apart from your competition. Therefore, making a right and effective customer value proposition will help you in guiding every single business decision that you make.

Let’s take an example of Uber. The application is focusing on giving a flexible user experience to their customers. The company is working hard to serve their customers with ease and make their traveling fun instead of a hassle. Daily, Uber app fulfils more than one million rides and has over right a million users worldwide.

Do you know How Uber did this?

Uber is focusing on delivering a wonderful experience to their riders. The main idea behind the business was to integrate an app into its practices to connect different passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. They have also made their experience more customer oriented. Likewise, you should also look what your users want, they are expecting from you and incorporate that into your app updates.

Try to gradually promote Features

As you know that strong applications are doing more for the user than they initially expect; however also often need some data from the user before they can show off their full functionality. Ensure that you do not overwhelm your new users with enormous tips of your app and tricks to use. You should gradually highlight the features when the user is ready for them. Do not force them to try all those features at once.

Give special treatment to your customers

In this modern era, it is important to deliver an outstanding quality customer service as it is a differentiating factor for meeting customers’ expectations and deliver value. The European Journal of Marketing has found that customers cut their ties with a business or any company for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • When they feel that they were treated poorly.
  • And when they feel that their problem was not resolved at the time described manner.

A wonderful strategy can eliminate all the barriers to user engagement for customer service. It will also serve customers in an effective manner that eventually builds trust. You can provide customer service whatever channel they will prefer to use or you can let them decide the channel of communication like whether they will use self-serve or they need a live chat. You can have a support or customer service feature in your application that will enable your users to get in touch with you.

So, these are the four different ways how smart and successful startups keep their app users engaged through their journey. If you also wanted to develop a mobile application for your startup and make it successful, you can hire remote mobile developers that specialised in developing mobile apps of varied categories.

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Guest Contributor